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Opus 69

Recently listening to Opus 69 by Maestro David Tao.   Have been waiting for another 3 years before his previous album "Beautiful".  It has always been a great blast listening to his masterpiece, and Opus 69 as usual.  Whilst listening to them, it has truly brought me back to Led Zepplin' Beatles era.  I personally think this is the best amongst all the six albums which DT had released so far.   This is exactly like the feeling after listening to John Mayer "No such thing", RedHotChiliPeppers "The Zephyr Song", Santana and Michelle Branch "The Game of Love", Sting "Every Breath You Take", Starsailor "Music was saved", The Beatles "Nowhere Man", Eagles "Hotel California" etc etc. 

Opus 69 is so original, and I simply can't explain the overwhelming magic that puts on me when I first hear "Adoration".  It's just blown me away.  The message is so direct and strong that you can feel it is straightly from the bottom of his heart , in which all of a sudden there seems to be an intimacy connected in a very unpretentious way. 

His voice is so unique and universal that my ex has claimed, who has now become my soulmate, "DT's range is every man's dream".  Haha..guess it might be a bit exaggerated here..I respect and admire DT because it's hardly find a person who loves music so much and continue to stick to his roots by not trying to follow the market and trend too much.


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