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Year 2011 - Year of personal growth

This year should be the most exciting year that I had ever experienced throughout the past 29 years.  I dropped out of the banking industry entirely and went to explore into something new and interesting.  This year passed by so quickly filled with lots of happiness and sadness.  Everything became memories and it was just a dream perhaps.  My attitude towards music had altered gradually by desperately wanting it to be my career to now - it could be just for fun. 

I had met some interesting people either a full tim...Read more

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如果一天有多過二十四小時。。有多好 !



我究竟是不是女人? 又不見得聰明。。


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Opus 69

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Opus 69

Recently listening to Opus 69 by Maestro David Tao.   Have been waiting for another 3 years before his previous album "Beautiful".  It has always been a great blast listening to his masterpiece, and Opus 69 as usual.  Whilst listening to them, it has truly brought me back to Led Zepplin' Beatles era.  I personally think this is the best amongst all the six albums which DT had released so far.   This is exactly like the feeling after listening to John Mayer "No such thing", RedHotChiliPeppers "The Zephyr Song", Santan...Read more

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Better Together - Jack Johnson

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Poem - nice one

I will do more than belong, I will participate;

I will do more than believe, I will practise;

I will do more than forgive, I will forget;

I will do more than teach, I will inspire;

I will do more than care, I will help;

I will do more than dream, I will work;

I will do more than give, I will serve.


Heard this during service yesterday night, and I think it's a nice one to share.

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