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[RM] The First Day in Edinburgh, Scotland

So I went to Edinburgh, Scotland on June 13th, Sunday. Before heading to LAX, I stopped by at the improvisation class simply because I didn't wanna miss two classes, one of which I would definitely have to skip because I was going to be still in Edinburgh.

I stayed for an hour or so, then started heading to LAX. Once I got on the airplane, my exhaustion just kicked in and I started falling asleep even before the plane was taking off! It's actually good and I planned it this way because I left LAX at 11 pm and stopover in Detroit at 6 am, then I had to fly to New York. I wanted to sleep all the way to New York, so I made myself very busy with preparing for the trip.

There were 12 hours in New York to the next flight that would actually take me to Europe. I had lunch with my friend and headed to JFK. I stayed up to watch Shutter Island then again I went deep in sleep, except the meal time ;D My flight was stopped by at Dublin, Ireland and then finally arrived at Edinburgh, Scotland.

A member of the EIFF staff was waiting for me and put me in a car. Since the airplane that Stephanie and Alec (my co-directors) were supposed to rise got cancelled in the last minute and were not able to make it that day, I went outside and started discovering the city of Edinburgh on my own without map. I was walking and walking but somehow came back to the hotel. 

It's just such a beautiful and historical place I soon fell in love with!

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