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Pint-Sized Darth Vader Discovers the Force!!.. :p

This video is really cute!!! (despite the fact that it's a VW commercial).

It features a pint-sized Darth Vader who uses the Force (or tires to!! )....... but then, when he discovers the all-new 2012 Passat in the driveway......

... ..... 

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Devastating quake hits again~

It was only 6 months ago on September 4th 2010 when a 7.2 magnitude quake hit Christchurch at just past 4am....... and this afternoon, the city was hit again at 12.51pm with a devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake which was only at a depth of 5km......

.... ..... terrifying, horrific..... the destruction!!!!......

At least 65 people are confirmed dead, at least 100 people still trapped in buildings....

It's's raining....and there are large aftershocks happening nearly every hour...

Here are some before and after shots, showing how the city turned to rubble in a matter of seconds:

Iconic Christchurch Cathedral - before:


Knox Church - before:


Worcester Street - before:


This is the CTV building ~ before:

many people are still trapped in there ~ after:

Other pictures of buildings around the city:

The quake also caused 30 million tonnes of ice to break off from one of the glaciers, forming iceburgs in some of the lakes:

So much much sad......

My heart goes out to everyone in the city!!! My thoughts are with you all!!!!!!

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The Lost Bladesman - In cinemas on April 28th!!!

The Lost Bladesman《关云长》 - - starring Donnie Yen (Ip Man), Sun Li (Fearless), and a whole bunch of other talented actors like Andy On.....

According to and, this movie will be released in cinemas in Asia on April 28th, 2011.

They've also released a whole bunch of really cute cartoon pictures of Donnie Yen as Guan Yun Chang....

Love them!!!

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Posters of 《单身男女》- Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Came across some posters of 《单身男女》- Don't Go Breaking My Heart while browsing the site ~

It's Daniel Wu'supcoming new movie, also staring Louis Koo and Gao Yuan Yuan, and directed by Johnnie To.

Here is Daniel:


....Louis Koo.....

And the lovely Gao Yuan Yuan......

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Can't beat a good old fashioned sunset~!  

Taken on: 100111.....(10th January 2011...soooo binary!!). I live along the southern coast of the North Island -- looking towards the South Island. You can see the Kaikoras in the horizon (the place where you go whale watching!! hee hee :) ) Wish I had a better camera to capture the picture properly..... I think my happy snappy is getting old (just like me! :P)

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It's that time again~!

Less than a week till Christmas!!  

Wish I was in Hong Kong right now..... :( ....

Hope I have some time to update my blog later in the week!!!......

Till then ~ wishing everyone a very merry christmas!!!!.....hope you all get lots of pressies!!!....

Also hope that everyone has a wonderful New Year!!!!...



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A Character Revealed ~ The Lost Bladesman 《關雲長》


Another character is revealed for this highly anticipated ancient period action movie – The Lost Bladesman《關雲長》, starring Donnie Yen as Guan Yu……



Andy On as Kong Xiu (孔秀)!!  ....  ....


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According to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Kong Xiu served under Cao Cao and was a warden guarding Dongling Pass (東岭關). He was the first of 6 wardens to be killed by Guan Yu when he charged through 5 passes to reunite with his sword brother, Liu Bei. (It goes without saying that I left out A LOT of details to this historic section of the story….I guess you should read Romance of the Three Kingdoms ~ or watch the tv series to understand the full story. Even better yet, wait till the movie comes out and you’ll understand!! )…


Anyway, here are some pictures of Andy revealing his character and outfit:

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《李小龙》 Bruce Lee: My Brother

《李小龙》 Bruce Lee: My Brother A movie about Bruce Lee ~ played by newcomer Aarif Lee (no relation to Bruce). The film will be released to coincide with the 70th anniversary of his birth. “Bruce Lee, My Brother” will cover Lee’s teenage years in Hong Kong — where he trained in kung fu and worked as a movie actor — leading up to the time when he departed for the U.S. in 1959 at age 18.

“Bruce Lee, My Brother” is a co-production from Hong Kong’s Media Asia and Chinese partners. The film has a tentative release date for November in Hong Kong, mainland China and other Asian markets, timed with the date of Lee’s birthday on Nov. 27. It isn’t yet clear if the film will get a U.S. release.


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Donnie Yen ~ Spokesman for Online Game!?!?



I never thought that Donnie Yen would wanna be a spokesman for an online game.....but I guess I was very wrong!! ....

Saw these pictures online the other's Donnie dressed up in various character costumes for a game called: 《大唐無雙》

The outfits look really interesting....although, the hairstyle looks a little weird on actually looks like it's a little oversized for his head and it's not fitting properly!....

Anyhow....I absolutely love period/martial arts/kungfu outfits.... it looks so cool!!

Here's the pix:

...(Love that spear!!!.....).....

...double sword!....

...Donnie the "crazy hair" warrior!.....

I'm not too sure what the online game is actually about.....nor do I know where you can play the game....

but Donnie does look pretty cool in those costumes! ~ Especially that nicely detailed spear!!

(me like!!  .... wonder if they sell those kinds of weapons for display?...hmmm....)

Mr. Yen....

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Love in Disguise 戀愛通告

Leehom Wang and his directorial debut ~~ Love in Disguise < 戀愛通告>

I'm kinda looking forward to this no-brainer, light-hearted romantic comedy ~ featuring Leehom Wang, Crystal Liu Yifei, Joan Chen, Xie Na, and a cameo appearance by Khali Fong.

The trailer looks quite interesting....funny-ish......with an okay storyline where a super-star (Leehom) goes undercover at a school just to get closer to some ordinary girl (Crystal Liu YiFei). [More about the story below....]

In general.....Leehom is a very, very talented musician ~ he's got some awesome skills with so many flippin instruments!! Like the guitar, piano, violin, drums, pipa, erhu....and so many others!!...(makes me so jealous!)..... Anyway, it's good to see him branching out and giving the director's seat a go~

It's also nice to see Crystal Liu on the screen again as well. After The Forbidden Kingdom, she seemed to have disappeared for a while.....

The official trailer (from

Synopsis: Love In Disguise" is about pop star Du Ming-Han (Wang Leehom) who wishes to find true love amidst his busy schedule. He then attempts to enroll into a school by disguising himself as a student alongside his trusty assistant, played by Chen Han-Tien ("Monga"). The star-studded cast also includes Joan Chen ("Lust, Caution"), Crystal Liu ("The Forbidden Kingdom"), Xie Na ("Young Liu Bo Cheng") and a cameo appearance by Hong Kong singer-songwriter Khalil Fong.

Besides channeling the famous 'Brother Sharp' beggar look, Leehom also experimented with other characters, like applying face paint, pretending to be a football fan, putting on mafia-esque outfits, and also wearing a huge can-endorsement suit! During filming, the crew joked that Leehom looked a lot like the great Argentina striker Gabriel Batistuta. On the other hand, Chen Han Dian wasn't feeling so great about being in a soccer uniform, "I'm only 171 cm. I look like a child wearing adult clothing!" prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

Due to be released in Asia on August 12, 2010

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