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  • Teach you identify luxury handbags authenticity

    Sunday, Apr 22, 2012 9:04PM / Standard Entry / Members only

      After the Spring Festival enterprise luxury snapping up boom, many consumer good and evil people mixed up in the markets on the part of reproduction. Reporter survey found that many of the brand has become A part of the style of "super A" group of classical money, because this sales high, the work is mature, it is difficult to identify. Then, the author investigations several counters, online mall and mimic the business, found the most easily out fake design, Japan's largest second-hand luxury brands BRAND OFF (cypress the f) is going to reveal the anti-counterfeiting really recruit

      Medium black sheep metal chain shoulder bag


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      Chanel no. In the black sheep metal chain shoulder bag

      Keywords: identity card

      Anti-counterfeiting revelation: CHANEL bag bag of authenticity identification, can use commodity's "status card". Chanel under each bag bag have a security "identity card". Bag bag inside pocket of a similar seam in mark small cortical mark, above is a group of security Numbers, the digital and "identity card" on the figures are the same. Although some super A bag bag also seam have identity code, but its digital general very clearly.

      Keywords: metal zippers

      Anti-counterfeiting revelation: CHANEL bag bag of heavy metal zipper, in order to guarantee service life, generally in the zipper's in the double convergent sewing. And copy product of metal zipper is light, and in turn the seams of the also many for wired.

      Keywords: raw material quality of a material

      Anti-counterfeiting revelation: CHANEL bag bag material for more small sheepskin, its soft, look quite dark. And copy product bag bag looks very light, no little sheep's dumb light feeling.

      NEVERFULL medium handbags


    gucci handbags lv handbags www.brandcheap88.com

      LV NEVERFULL medium handbags

      Keywords: LOGO letters

      Anti-counterfeiting revelation: LVMH is the most luxury copy product brand bag bag, and A lot of copy to the skill of the product, industry insiders called super A copy product. A lot of LV of the sales staff admitting brand, and it is difficult to determine the true and false. Quality goods bag bag "Louis Vuitton" of the letter "O" LOGO is very standard circular, and copy product bag bag of the letter "O" is oval.

      Keywords: handle car line

      Anti-counterfeiting revelation: big bag of car line are very accurate, level off. Quality goods bag of two of the same position, the position of the car line must be the same, the number of stitches is the same. And copy product bag bag is not as standard.

      Keywords: cortex

      Anti-counterfeiting revelation: LVMH bag bag in new products quality goods will smell light cowboy skin taste, and copy product due to the cheap cortex, so it smells awful, sometimes also comes with a plastic smell.

      Birkin platinum litchi grain hand bag


    gucci handbags lv handbags www.brandcheap88.com


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