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  • Nike Air Force 1 "Jeremy Lin" jing is colourful showed up

    Tuesday, Apr 24, 2012 8:19PM / Standard Entry / Members only


      Nike Air Force 1 "Jeremy Lin" products bring surprise.

      Nike Air Force 1 "Jeremy Lin" products bring surprise. LinShuHao a attention the new star name, has been sweeping the globe. Nike Air Force 1 more's Nike charge recreational shoe money restoring ancient ways. So don't meaningful limit, inevitable is looking forward to is quite.


      LinShuHao exclusive Nike Zoom Hyperdunk shoe money exposure, after the "more exciting is to see the suspected Jeremy Lin Lin book house exclusive Nike Air Force one shoe money appear. Also in New York Nick team match colors present, heels rear electricity embroider Jeremy Lin abbreviation", shoes tongue also write big Lin. Although at present the truth remains to be clear, but it is undeniable that the message will make a long awaited the shoes fans. Such Chinese players in the NBA's exclusive, is rare! Be sure to collection of!

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