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Spotlight on the LUMINA Soundtrack: Anton Wong

Hong Kong is the biggest small town in which I have ever lived.  For a city of 7 million people, it's amazing how often you run into people you know on the street; what's even more amazing is when you meet someone cool who all your friends know, but you didn't.  And musician and music producer Anton Wong falls smack into that category.

I remember superstar guitarist D'in Cheung asking me to come meet the new band that he was putting together and to talk to a music producer who was helping them out - Anton.  We ended up talking about a million things that night, but most of it seemed to revolve back to 80's metal and pop. 

Anton's wide ranging taste in music paired with his encyclopedic knowledge is something I am perpetually fascinated with and the fact that he also a talented musician in his own right is doubly cool.  I have the honor of having the fantastically paced, instantly likable sounds of "LoveSong Sing It" end LUMINA Webisode 6: Windows.  One of these days I'm going to write a screenplay that's going to be ripe for lots of guitar driven dance music and I'm going to deck it out with Anton's songs.


LUMINA writer/director Jen Thym sits down with Hong Kong music producer & musician Anton Wong for an exclusive interview:

JT: How long have you been writing, creating and producing music?  Was there a particular moment in your life when you realised you wanted to be a musician?

Anton: I don't remember exactly how long.  I've always been playing guitars and piano since I was a kid.  The writing part came more naturally when a few years ago, one day, I woke up and realized I had something to say to the world.  And my message wasn't entirely what's already been told before.

JT: What inspired you to write "LoveSong Sing It"?  Tell us a little about the music video for it. Anton: "LoveSong Sing It" is a tiny bit biographical, and a tiny bit inspired by this old film Lunes De Fiel by Roman Polanski.  The story is really about dysfunctional relationships, and how people get badly hurt by them, whether physically or mentally.  Quite often those who inflict pain are hardly even aware that they are inflicting pain on others.  Some of my friends think it is a realistic portrayal of modern love.



JT: Name the top five artists that you want to produce an album for. Anton: I would love to produce Imogen Heep, Chemical Brothers, Marilyn Manson, Muse, N.E.R.D. Basically people who I enjoy musically, and who I think would be interesting to produce because you just know their creative process has to be killer awesome.

JT: Who are your favorite up and coming artists?  What's your advice for young musicians in Hong Kong? Anton: Assuming you're talking about the local bands around here.  I really enjoy the following:


Killer Soap - They are pretty much a Brit-pop style band.  While I don't listen to Brit-pop day and night, I like the fact that their songs are intricately arranged, well-rehearsed, and they just sound great live.  I can go on and on about how Rocky sings well and how Gould is the most entertaining drummer to watch.  But the most important thing is, these guys are not doing pop because they're not technical enough to do metal (which is often the case in Hong Kong).  They've made a conscious choice on their genre and did a kick ass job at it.


Gong Wu - People either love them or hate them - or love the songs but hate their in-your-face self-promoting ways.  But being loud mouth and pompous is what makes rock'n'roll so much fun.  And these guys ROCK HARD.


Crazimalz(now defunct) - I don't think too many people have seen them play.  But I really thought this band had found an angle.  They looked the part.  They're a metal band but their sound was unique - with songs and arrangements that are memorable yet fresh.  I kept wanting to hear more from them.


Violent Jokes - These guys do electronic band music.  They suffer quite a bit from the inconsistent live mixing job that's commonplace at the venues in Hong Kong.  Because sonic quality is such a big part of electronic music, the crappy live house mixing jobs make them sound totally different everytime they play a gig.  But if you listen to their studio recorded tracks, you'd be amazed by how insanely creative they are, while keeping the songs very listenable.  They will be opening for Roni Size when he comes to Hong Kong in Novermber.  Enough said.


Sajid & the Lost Boy s - Sajid is a very eloquent singer songwriter.  His studio tracks are very good but they do not give you even a hint of how captivating his live performance can be.  His songs are mesmerizing, without getting all cheesy.


Advice: Musicians, even indie musicians, are nonetheless entertainers.  Define who your audience is, find them, and give them what they want.


JT:Tell us your plans for the future - any new songs or albums coming out?


Anton: Trying to work together with a few guys from some of the bands mentioned above, and put out a kick ass electronica album.  The music will hopefully defy geographic boundaries.

JT: Thanks for the interview Anton!  You can follow Anton Wong on his AlivenotDead blog and the song "LoveSong Sing It" will be available on iTunes shortly.

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
heheh i remember that video. shan is so violent! =D
about 11 years ago
Photo 42904
thanks for sharing the interview. interesting . the video is surprising with Anton's music.
about 11 years ago
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Wow!!! The music video creeped me out so much, I couldn't finish watching it ~ awesome interview, though!!!
about 11 years ago


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