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2018 and still listening to Billy Idol... or Billy Arnold as I used to call him as a kid. Lol. There were no idols… https://t.co/61ynruUBgS

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@bogexplosion @PunishedGoose They dont want anyone dead. That's just their attention seeking rebel yell.

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@OnePerfectShot Brilliant film. One of the best character arcs ever.

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@ahardtospell Amount of brains they have = nun. Ha.

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@Ronan_thfc @RossKemp @England Hahaha thought the same thing. Kempy on Colombia's finest. Fitting af

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@safspaceinvadr @AupolNews The red wig was an inspired choice too

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@PunishedGoose Sad and very revealing of the psychology behind third wave feminism.

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@HistoryInPix Thenthational!

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@SophNar0747 Its awesome watching those intersectional fools gobble each other up.

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