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Highly recommend

     Mark Cuban, best known as the owner of Dallas Marverick, and his outrgrous statement on and off the court of NBA game. However,this time I would like to introduce the other Mark Cuban, not as basketball fan and owner, but as an   entrepreneur. Ever since get into his blog:http://blogmaverick.com I was awe of his insight thought about the business ,career,and economic issues. No matter you are a graduate ,a hard-working businessman, anyone who try to make a better life of themselves, ...Read more

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Some recent thought

     Got an interview from a company, at last they told me I'm too young to take that job, which really confused me at that moment. Am I mature enough to take that job? Have I ever thinked about the worse part and the big challenge of that job? I don't know for sure.  I didn't realise how my ablity be capable of until that time, maybe just as peachy said almost four years ago , "the future is annoying, but u have a whole life ahead", this is just  the little annoying part of that. 

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Best season of my hometown

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Ten tips for writing your own movie (FROM The Times)

I read this article about two years ago,for those who have passion for writing and become a screenwriter, this is a must see one .#Ten tips for writing your own movie

Want to see your story on the big screen? Think beginning, middle and end, and don’t play the show-off## 

1 Watch and learn

It is essential to view as many films as possible, good and bad. The classics are not top of the best-ever lists for nothing, and it is difficult to be original when you don’t...Read more

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Djokovic vs Nadal

Remember that I wrote a blog about the epic 2008 Wimblon final http://www.alivenotdead.com/lucjohnnyking/Federer-VS-Nadal-profile-200815.html. If you need to pick only one game that ever close to that game, this is the one, the 2012 Aus open final between Djokovic and Nadal. I actually didn't watch that game until the final set socre at 5:5 of the last set. That time I was on the road back to shanghai , the trip took about 6 hou...Read more

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My Chinese twitter _Sina Weibo

 Hey, my friends on AnD, this is my Sina Weibo,my mini-blog, http://weibo.com/johnnyking. Anyone who'd like to learn more about China, esp Shanghai ,or interested in  China , the culture, the language, history , life,food and on and on, you can get touch me, spam is not allowed.  I hope you have good time in Sina Weibo .

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isad >ismile

Video: http://edu.sina.com.cn/video/open/stevejobs.html   There was a saying I read from other member from alive , it called : Diamonds are forever, we are not.  The very first time I read it, I feel both beautiful and confused. It's beautiful cuz it sounds like a poem,  why we are not forever , it really maked me think for long time. Until one day, Oct. 6th, 2011, the day when Steve Jobs died .

  It has been one month since that day, I still remember ...Read more

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New life in shanghai

       Haven't  wriiten a blog for almost half an year, changed a company, jobs died, grandpa passed away, life becomes much more challenge and completed. However, Instead of feeling nervous and  unsafeful about the future, I really confident about my life .

       Just want to put some recent pictures of my life in shanghai and nearby. I wish this is a good start, for more sharing and more writting ,about myself ,about shanghai and those enternal and beautiful things.

    Read more

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A legacy that will last forever

      I always admire all forms of art on the plant, movie, music, dance, painting,photograph, and I was vividly fond of sports since I was a little boy, basketball, tennis, football, figure skating,etc .Last night the champion league finals was one of the best games I have ever seen in last decade, perhaps only the İstanbul nightmare for my fav team AC milan in 2005 againist Liverpoor was bigger than this one .Sir fergerson said  it was the best team he ever faced as a manager, Barcelona’s coach Pep Guardiola says Messi is ...Read more

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Happy Chinese New Year

Since I haven't been written for almost three months , I think at this countdown of Chinese Rabbit New Year, it's the best opportunity to say hello and greeting to all the friends here in AnD, I wish ALL OF YOU a prosperity , harmonious, peaceful and happy Chinese New year !



...Read more
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