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Hold on to your hats folks GIRLESQUE are back with a week of show stopping performances at the MGM Macau from the 3rd-7th June 2012.

Bringing you the ultimate in Razzle Dazzle as the shimmy and shake and belt out your favorite Broadway tunes.Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome back to the stage to delectable and sensational Miss Jerry Curl, Miss Heather Heartbreaker and Miss Veronica Snow in their most elaborate and glamourous performance yet.

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Broadway Musicals

Thank you all for coming and supporting us in our new act.

We will have a new show for you everytime!

Download this gallery as a zip-archive

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New Photos by Leo Choy Retouched by Yn Dali

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Photos by LEO CHOY ( special edition for GIRLESQUE

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Girlesque Back in Hong Kong

Weeeeee!!!! Singapore was so much fun! Arrived to Singapore and got picked up by Miss Heidi who was the booking manager. Hopped on to our limo and off we drove to the Grand Hyatt. We were put up in nice rooms and lavish beds to sleep on.

Work - right! Rightaway!!! Called the bell boy to have our costume ironed, pressed, folded. We organized our run line of costumes with all our accessories and heels so we will know which ones to wear when were rushing back to back between sets.

We then made our way down to the bar where we were performing and started doing tech run. Lights, cameras, sound check, spacing requirement where we need to stand. 6 grueling hours and nothing to eat.  Miss Jerry Curl directing us went "again! again!" until we had no voice left.

We practiced until we couldn't practice anymore and went up to our room to sleep. Got to wake up early for our show tomorrow night and some more rehearsing during the day. Also Miss Grace Underfire takes the longest to get ready. 4 hours!!!!!

During the show we ran into some technical difficulties but that didn't stop us! We sang, danced, acted, interacted and showcased our best pieces! We were the entertainment for the night! Everyone had a blast and we have pictures to prove it! look into our gallery and video clip!!

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Taking over the World

After the grand success of our summer tour we will be setting the scene a blaze and dazzling in Singapore this week.  The girls will be taking over the sexy and seductive club BRIX @ The Grand Hyatt.We will also be introducing the newest member of our cast Miss Lola Longstocking.Well kids it's Auntie Grace here

Well exciting stuff, after a summer off, with various activities from Church camp to bed rest and penecillin, we got invited to perform at a private party in Singapore!

The Hyatt no less darlings!

You can only imagine the hullabaloo over the regular Thursday morning cocktails.

All was going swimmingly and the Mojitos were devine, when Ronnie (Miss Veronica Snow) dropped a bombshell (and not the blonde kind).



It would seem an incident some years ago involving a brace of sailors, a pound of butter and a bucket of sand has left our favourate ditzy diva unable to join us on our jaunt to foreign lands.

So after pulling Jerry and Heather of her delicate frame (for a little thing she fights like a pissed off pole cat) we ordered a jug of cosmos and put our collective pretty heads together to come up with a plan of sorts.

Plans, it turns out, don't come so easy after a dozen or so cocktails!  So you can imagine our delight when the answer came in the form of a sultery looking bitch...............our waitress.

I'm not being funny right, but we hadn't noticed her up until this point (mainly due to the fact we are, to be honest, a self involved clique).  And possibly wouldn't have noticed her had she not dropped a tray of some thing pink in my lap.


Impressed with her rack and the ability to hold her own in a cat fight with three tipsy minx's and a queen, she was imediately brought on board to understudy our little Ronnie.

So Ladies and Gentlemen and those in-between,

She's Polish and don't say much,

buts she's got high kicks and nice tits,

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce,

Miss Lola Longstocking.

See you soon my lovely's

and remember,

if all else fails..........



Miss Grace Underfire


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Hey Everyone,

Miss Heartbreaker here!! While we are on tour in Asia I will be in charge updating our progress! Miss Veronika Snow and Miss Jerry Curl are doing their make up at the moment, as I finished early I will be writing and keeping you posted...............

We are currently in China doing our Girlesque thing. Its a total mess at the moment with our hair curls, makeup sprawled all over the floor and our clothes!  So many corsets we could open a store!

Knowing me, I will be the one tidying up the place and letting them sleep on their bed comfortably. 

Tonight we are doing our Burlesque theme starting the show with Miss Jerry Curl singing "Welcome to Burlesque" from the movie Burlesque starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. Lovely costumes again from SHOWTIMELINGERIE.COM - thank you stef!!

Dont worry Hong kong we will be back soon.  In the meanwhile, stay tuned and look out for a whole new revamp!!! Thanks to


Miss Heartbreaker

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Girlesque Does Cabaret on June 14!

Girlesque put together another scintillating performance at Le Boudoir last night! The follow up to their debut performance was spectacular. In the tight quarters of Le Boudoir, the trio of Pamela, Lucia, and Rachel, with guest Miss Underfire, gave an interactive performance that has got the audience so excited for the next show. Fun songs, high energy performances , and stunning costumes ensured a night that wont be forgotten for a long time.The girls performed every 15 mins, building up the atmosphere with each number, reaching a stunning finale that had the audience on their feet cheering for more. They performed numbers from the musically acclaimed chicago, Cabaret and All That Jazz, with their finale being Chicago's Nowadays. When it was all over, we could only wish there was more to come! Pamela, Lucia, and Rachel and Miss Underfire as individuals are entertaining performers, and when put together in a group have the perfect formula to captivate any audience. The vocals, dancing and acting are absolutely done to perfection, and every person there couldn’t take their eyes of these 3 stunning performers.I recommend this show to anyone looking for a night of fun and excitement. It will be an unforgetting experience that will keep you guessing what the next show will be like. Get there early so you can get right up front and not miss a single moment of the hottest act around!Review By Sanjay Gangadhar

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Broadway Musical at Le Boudoir June 14

Thank you all for coming to support us! As you can see we have a new show every show! So stay tuned for our next show!!!

Subscribe to us to get our latest updates on where we are going to perform! We will travel to different venues!

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GIRLESQUE performs Broadway Musical Tuesday June 14th

I would like to personally invite you on behalf of "Girlesque" to join the girls for a night of fun and entertainment at Le Boudoir on 14th June. The entrance to Le Boudoir is a door located to the left of Pastis bar at 65 Wyndham Street.The night promises to be a sensational sequal to the packed debut on May 17th which saw Le Boudoir buzzing all night with a glittering performance from each of the Girlesque girls!! This Tuesday will feature show stopping tunes from "Cabaret", "Chicago", and a cheeky little number from "A Chorus line" so see you there!!


When : 14th June

Where: Le Boudoir

What time : 9pm onwards

Dress code : Top hats, canes and feather boas!!Also we would like  to take this opportunity to invite you to subscribe to the Girlesque website where you can keep up to date with upcoming shows and check out past performances.As if that wasn't enough, there is also the facebook group to join!  Log in and type "Girlesque" ...So,  keeping your finger firmly on the pulse, there will be no excuses to miss any of the fabulous shows coming up in the months ahead!! Looking forward to seeing you at Le Boudoir on the 14th!Best Wishes,


aka. Ms. Heartbreaker

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