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Interesting tidbits

I have muuuuuch to catch up to.  Hopefully I'll have time later or soon to post about camping a good few weeks back and stuff.. but first, a bunch of interesting tidbits!!!

Let's start with... MINESWEEPER! 

Who's plunked hours of wasted time on minesweeper before?  Me me me!  Here's a dramatic version... http://www.geekologie.com/2007/08/minesweeperthemovie.php

231 inch display

Next, how about...Read more

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In the end, it doesn't really matter.. (only awesome concerts matterrrrrrr yesss)

HOLY &%(&%)!

Not that I have time to blog at the moment (have a lot to catch up to...)


Got there around 2:30pm.. Walking around was cool.. checked out booths, had a margarita, etc.. some guy was so drunk he fell on his face and broke his nose.  Met up some friends..yadda yadda yadda...

Checked out the Revolution Stage where Mindless Self Indulgence was playing at the time.....Read more

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Hopefully I'll have time to post a more substantial entry later on.. seems to be a busier day..  But.. plugging time...

PROJEKT REVOLUTION concert at SHORELINE AMPHITHEATRE in MOUNTAIN VIEW on SUNDAY 7/29/07. Festival starts at 12:45pm.

I have 5 GA lawn seat tix ($41 each) and 4 lower level seats together(section 101 row S .. $160 each) up for grabs. THAT'S FACE VALUE.

Headliners: Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Placebo, Taking Back Sunday, HIM.. other bands: Saosin, Styles of Beyond, Mindless Sel...Read more

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QUESTION: What is the best horror movie? Most scary?

OK, so I've got a question for everyone for this entry...

I've always been an avid watcher of horror movies, but honestly, how many great, frightful ones are there?  can you think of one?  i love watching them, but am often disappointed.. even the ones that are not bad are not that scary.. and nowadays so many "horror" movies are just gore-fests that try to gross everyone out with blood and guts and goop and slime and torture (ie. Hostel, Saw, countless others). 

I've ...Read more

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More Simpson's marketing...

Yea that marketing department over there sure is having fun with a big budget... aside from the following, they had also painted an almost naked Homer with a donut next to one of those giant tribal ground carvings in South America (which of course pissed some ppl off.. understandably). 

Simpson's Couture  in the August issue of Harper's Bazaar:

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Before the next set...

Umm OK so I haven't posted reviews for a couple albums yet and I'm already popping in another set of 5 or so new albums.. so I'll post something real quick.

  1. Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now = rating 9

I know they've been aroudn for awhile.  They performed at the Live 105 Not So Silent Night concert I went to a few years ago (with Pat and ppl!), but I didn't know who they were at all then.  I only decided to try their music out recently.. and what a bomb ass album from 2006!  It's an ...Read more

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Considerate Creator

Will be writing a blog entry about the wonderful weekend I just had camping in Big Sur, but I'll wait a day or two first to see if I can get a hold of pix.. or I'll write about it then put up pix later. I'll see.. =)  Quiz I took.. pretty interesting.. it creates a cool "DNA map" of 13 personality traits too:


You are a Considerate Cr...Read more

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Workin' in da ghetto

As some of my friends know, I work in an area not far from the ghettoness of Bayview/Hunter's Point area in San Francisco.  Although with the Mission Bay UCSF campus, the new 3rd St light rail, AT&T park a few miles further up 3rd, and some other new things going on, the neighborhood isn't AS bad as it used to be as perhaps immortalized in Spike Lee's movie Sucker Free City.

But trust me, it's still pretty bad at times... even a good few blocks away from the worst area, there are often emergency vehicles r...Read more

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Skiing ostrich!

Holy smokes!!! This is one badass ostrich!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmIqavhdaig

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Kiwk-E Mart!

WHOA!  http://flickr.com/photos/rdr07/sets/72157600590001691/


7-elevens converted to Kwik-E Marts!  (promotion for The Simpson's movie)

Complete with Buzz Cola, Frosted KrustyO's, and many other things! 

SOOOO checking out the ...Read more

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