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Death Valley in fine pixels

Really amazing photography from Death Valley:


How many times have a lot of us rushed through Death Valley on our way to and back from Las Vegas, without taking in the sights and appreciating the views? 

There's so much more there if we were to pay attention.  I sure wouldn't mind exploring and camping there in the right weather.  Look at all the kinds of terra...Read more

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In the spirit of National Pirate Talk Day..

Yarrrr.. shiver me timbers.. thars a national priate talk day?

Here be some pirate jokes... beware, thar be cheesiness...

"What's the pirate movie rated? - Arrr!"

"What kind o' socks does a pirate wear? - Arrrrgyle!"

"What's the problem with the way a pirate speaks? - Arrrrticulation!"

     A pirate walks into the bar with a ships wheel attached to the front o' his trousers. The bartender asks, "What the hell is that ships wh...Read more

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5 questions Season Two should Answer

Article on Heroes season 2!


Next Monday, w00t!!!!  Can't wait.  Anyone watch the "unaired season premiere" on the season 1 DVDs yet?  I bought the DVDs but haven't gotten around to checking it out.

Doesn't seem like there's much good new shows this fall.  Checked out the pilot for Journeyman (Comcast On Demand rocks) which looks interest...Read more

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autumn festival concert

anybody going to the coco lee/alex to concert at the shoreline on 9/23?

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Apparently there's gonna be a sequel to Tron.

This could end up really ugly.. or really awesome.. I don't know... I don't quite get how they're gonna do it without really messing it up. Hmm..


Read more

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Question of the day

Is it better to look stronger than you really are...

or be stronger than you look?

And I mean this in regards to physical strength.

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Long short week

It's a short work week, but I'm immensely tired still.  I went camping with some friends again this past weekend up at Lake Shasta. It was loads of fun of course.. despite the incessant heat. 

We visited the Shasta Caverns (very, very pretty and awe inspiring), checked out the lake, cooled off in the river next to our campsite (fun!.. fast currents), ate, drank, the usual.. we even put my kayak together and ended up not using it and taking it apart again.  Hey, good practice?

Didn't return to the Bay Area until lat...Read more

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Haven't had time to blog for awhile sorry.  Here's a few quick lines.

I am currently very sore and in a bit of pain. .thanks to.. PAINTBALL yesterday haha.

It was fun.. we had a group of 20+ this time at the indoor paintball place in Burlingame..  my first few games were awesome.. a lot of running and shooting and very little "camping".  But once everyone who was late arrived and we had 20+, it got so confusing with paintballs flying all over the place.. and I was getting tired (those that went.. you know how tiring a...Read more

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Wish upon a star...

So how many of you caught the Perseid Meteor Shower the past few nights? 

This Perseid Meteor Shower is a yearly event, but this year's was supposed to be one of the best viewing years (for North America maybe?) since it was a new moon and peak times were in the evening, rather than daytime.

The shower occurs because the earths orbit brings it into the tail of Comet Swift-Tuttle and its debris. 

The peak was Sunday night for us, so past midnight, a few friends and I drove out to look for a dark area to gaze at ...Read more

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One more tidbit

Must post this.. it's COOoooL =P

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The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition. ~ Carl Sagan

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