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Prologue to an epic... (ok I'll try not to make it an epic)

Well you know me, I usually blog really detailed long entries after trips and events.  One, it helps me to remember things better, though I have a tendency to have a great memory for travelling and can remember details from trips I took when I was young.  Two, it helps me avoid having to repeat things to everyone who has and will be asking me.. how was Hawaii?  Three, by telling them to look at my blog entry, I'm making them check out AnD! 

Instead of going into great detail about th...Read more

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Ahh welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll..

Rose Bowl....yes... right...

(oh this is in reference to Cal's worst possible method of losing the last 14 secs to OSU tonite)



(i literally feel like yelling whatever those letters sound l...Read more

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Cool Brain Tricks

This one I like a lot.. at first I only saw it counter clockwise.. after focusing on it for a minute it suddenly was turning clockwise for a few secs.. subsequently it started turning clockwise more easily when I would look at it.  And now it's rather random what I see.  I'm opening up the right side of my brain! Haha ..umm ya.  Sure.  Well I think I'm just training my brain to look at this black silhouette in 2 different manners.  For some, one leg looks right, for others, one leg looks left. Same for the arms.  It's just h...Read more

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Graffiti Archaeology

Really awesome graffiti site:


It shows layers of different locations.. as in how a location looked on a different past date.. all the way back up to 10+ years ago.  And you can zoom in and out.  It's pretty cool and there is some awesome artwork.  Don't really think about it much, but graffiti is such a living art.  The same canvas/wall transforms and morphs and get covered so many time...Read more

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OO Oo o_O

Thanks Etchy, rottendoubt, kbkb, stephen, and ADMIN BEAR for the birthday wishes!  It's been a fun but tiring weekend.  Got wayyyyyyyy TOOOO plastered on Saturday night but it was fun!  I'm not the only one who got way plastered anywayz.. the other bday girls too heehee (azndiva, fire-cracker, and evelyn LOL).. as well as many other ppl.  Argh too plastered though and don't remember the last hour or so of the night at Suede before it closed.  I heard the DJ dedicated the last song to the bday girls and everyone clapped, inc...Read more

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Sony Bravia ads

So today I discovered Sony made some really awesome commercials for their Bravia line of TVs.

Here's the first one using clay bunnies in NYC:


Here's a second one using bouncy balls in SF:


And here's another one using paint in Glasgow:

Video: Read more

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Which 'Hero' are you?

EW quiz:  http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20057452,00.html

My results: I'm Suresh. I have no powers. sniff sniff  How uncool. Haha.

Descrīption: Your power is in your leadership and your ability to organize those around you.  You m...Read more

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woohooo.. alooooooha

Bought my tix to Hawaii today, w00t!

Here's today's random hodge podge:

Hmm I seem to be getting errors w/uploading pix.  I don't know if it's just here at work something related to my desktop or it's a general upload problem with the site.  Just to let you guys know.  K I guess I'll just post links then.. aww.

Another 2 headed turtle.. this time a cute red earred slider! http://news.yahoo.com...Read more

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The many faces of Bart

This is pretty cool:


Bart Simpson: 50 Plus Rendition of Homer's Kid

It's an art exhibit in NYC.  Basically it's like Kid Robot's Munny but it's a Bart and you get all kinds of artistic creations with it.  Some designers/artists are very well known too.

They should totally release these as little collec...Read more

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Well, we're pretty much screwed by 2030

Wow... take a look at this research.  Goodbye FC, goodbye, lots of places by 2030 unless a ton of drastic measures are put into place.  2030 isn't that far away, just about 22 yrs from now.  And it's not like it'll suddenly turn 2030 that year and .. oop time to flood.. no, waters will rise steadily which means just within the next decade or so some places will be changed beyond recognition already.  Ah, so comforting to know!  Time to invest in some higher elevation land?

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The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition. ~ Carl Sagan

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