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Ohhh SNAP!

2008 Honda Civic Tour featuring PANIC! AT THE DISCO! wooooooooooooohoo!!!!!  I love Panic!

Other bands in the lineup as far as I know so far: Motion City Soundtrack, The Hush Sound, and Phantom Planet!  oooooh!  I hope they do the OC theme!


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Hodge podge

Mutton Busting:


O_o   OK....................  Some interesting forms of entertainment out there... Well here's a page that decries mutton busting as child abuse on top of animal abuse... http://www.sharkonline.org/rodeocrueltymuttonbusting.mv

And..uh.. WTH? Haha.

Drivers report seeing belly dancer shimmying acro...Read more

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Coachella 2008

Nothing profound today.. at least not YET.. BUT.. the lineup for Coachella 2008 has been announced!!!


Maybe I'll go!

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New albums of the.. month? weeks? shrug and RIP HL

2nd blog post of the day.. oops.  Just have some more things to share. But don't miss my earlier one from this morn... Scroll down!

So.. albums I just received or they're on their way to me..  :

OneRepublic- dreaming out loud

Alicia Keys - As I Am

Ingrid Michaelson - girls and boys

Radiohead - In Rainbows

Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Sank  (yes I'm a lil slow at getting this one)

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Pablo, Carmen, and Venus

Three adorable baby chihuahuas... no front legs. =(  Resulted from bad backyard breeding.  Irresponsible people... pshh.  Grr.

But one animal shelter is helping them survive and live healthy, happy lives.  There are good people out there. Check it out:


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Whoa.. full circle! Sorta...

The wonders of the internet and an overly curious music-loving mind haha...

A couple hours ago I had the AFC championship between the SD Chargers and NE Patriots on my TV ... sorta as background TV to glance at every so often.  At one point, a Toyota Sequoia TV commercial came on... now I tend to pay very close attention to what music is used in commercials, films, tv series, etc... sometimes it's fun recognizing the songs or trying to "name the tune" from just the first few bars or from when they exclude l...Read more

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HDR and BTDs

Have you guys heard of HDR photography?  HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. 

I wasn't familiar with it before until I read about it today on a technology blog.  You take many pictures of the exact same scene from the exact same angle.  But with different exposures.  Then using photoshop or some other program, you combine the photos for a very cool effect.  The pictures end up looking very surreal and some look like they're digitally rendered. 

Here's some HDR pix from Japan I saw online today:

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Charles Bukowski

Ever wonder about the myriad of references to a certain Charles Bukowski in literature, arts, music and film?

I finally got around to looking him up and learning about his life and work. 

Here's his wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Bukowski

It's pretty amazing how oft he is referenced... how influential he has been with most people not noticing nowadays.  Scroll down to "In popular culture" on the wiki entry to see...Read more

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Hello, Stranger!

Oh man, I got totally sidetracked for a few minutes at work because I found this great web article/essay on existentialism, one of my favorite philosophies of all time.  Sartre could be named as a forefather to this philosophy, but Camus had a great literary role as well (hence the reference in my blog title if anyone knows what I mean), as did the great  Dostoevsky.  Existentialism has deep roots/parallels in Nietzsche's Nihilism as well, and in more "recent" times, existentialism can be found to a degree in Ayn Rand's nov...Read more

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Westernized Chinese Opera

Just returned home from taking my mom to watch the westernized opera Farewell My Concubine touring from Beijing.  It was her bday a few days ago, so I figured good orchestra seats to a Chinese opera (but westernized!) would be a good present.  Little did I know till after I bought the tix, that Carol was organizing the event! 

It was pretty interesting.  I've never been to the opera before, though I've wanted to for awhile, so it was a first.  The opera is sung in mandarin but with english subtitles.  I don't rea...Read more

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