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Just saw this:


Charts .. songs... err.. song charts.. charts that represent songs.  Hmm did that make sense? Haha. Some of it is hilarrrrrrious.  Other ones I'm not clear what songs the charts are referring to.  Does someone actually know all of them?  Fun stuffs. 


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And you thought us Chinese were the best at paper cutting...

Check out Peter Callesen's paper cutting artwork... I likee!


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Not sure if people have seen these... ROFL!!!!!

This video was shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live awhile ago:


And this one is the new follow up to it.. LOLLLLLLLLLL:


And here's Star Wars according to a 3 yr old:

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Ahhh =)

No matter what's going on or not going on or whatever in life.. there are some very simple pleasures in life that are just enjoyable beyond words...

I really enjoyed driving to work on this beautiful sunny San Francisco morning with the window down, taking sips of strong, aromatic hazelnut black coffee and listening to Jack Johnson's new album cut through the whispers of the crisp wind.  

Bad driver tailgating me despite my driving faster than the speed limit?  Bah... whatever.. sip sip  ahhh. 

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Street Fighter IV

I'm not a HUGE fan of Street Fighter, was never good at it.  But for all you guys out there that are (yes I know a ton of you are haha):


Does look pretty awesome. 

Been very busy lately so haven't been able to post any interesting long entries sorry.

Who's all coming by for SFIAAFF in March?

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Happy Valentine's Day!




Oh to recap last wknd, The Editors are absolutely amazing in concert, especially at the Warfield which I might say is my favorite venue so far for concerts here in the Bay Area.. great, intimate place with good acoustics and old theatre feel.   Hot Hot Heat and Louis XIV were great support acts too.  Can't wait for more concerts at the Warfield.  But ya the Editors..oh man....Read more

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Every year many fish!

Happy New Year of the Rat to everyone! 

Hope it is a good year for all. 

Anyway, who's been watching season 4 of Lost on TV?  2nd episode of the new season was broadcast last night.  I had heard end of last year, that due to the writer's strike, there would only be 8 episodes for this season.  Is that true?  That doesn't even fill more than 2 DVDs for a set.   I also heard that 24 was canceled for the year, Heroes: Origins was canceled, and Heroes was cut short (seemed to be.. that finale just seemed crammed ...Read more

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Awesome cover

GREAT cover of Sublime's Santeria by Terra Naomi:



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Who needs Mana??? Super POTION!


That's right! Check out the site! Real MANA ENERGY POTIONS to drink! Mwahaha.

It's kinda pricey.. but hey I'm curious.  There's a lotta funny stuff on the site too. And it's a pretty cool WoW like site.

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Sheet music gone digital?

Haha Pat's been posting all these cool ideas... I have one of my own that popped into my head last night.  Haven't had time to do a search online to see if anyone tried it yet.

So after a late night (early morn) random piano session w/a friend while hopped up on some alky, I realized I am way too rusty after not touching a piano in ages.  So lately I've been playing a bit at night after work and enjoying it immensely, despite frustrations as to how much worse I play than I used to.  Dangit!

Anyway, one of...Read more

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The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition. ~ Carl Sagan

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