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Pooh needs intervention

"Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood: a neurodevelopmental perspective on A.A. Milne"

Research paper from CMAJ. DEC. 12,2000; 163 (12)  (Canadian Medical Association Journal)

LOL. One of many "Winnie the Pooh" theories and conspiracies out there, but love how it's an actual published research paper in a real medical journal.

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Oh and for those who haven't heard, Oliver Stone is making a film about.. dubya.. And here's the new poster.  Ehh.. it's still awhile till November, huh? -___-

Link to bigger version:

http://www.ioncinema.com/images/user/news3037user_1654...Read more

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Cubicle Rage

This is nuts. Hope none of you ever feel like exploding like this at work!!! 



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For those mired in confusion... there are always wikis!

There's actually a wiki on "How to Love".  There's wiki's on everything huh? Haha.


Hmm..wonder what else there is on there.  Somehow I feel like wikis are like those ____ for dummies books.  Is there a Love for Dummies book? 

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Dark and beautiful Ludo songs

Pretty cool lyrics from Ludo's song Horror of Our Love... Very dark and I suppose suggestive if interpreted a certain way too.  It's a beautiful song though.

Horror of Our Love:I'm a killer Cold and wrathful Silent sleeper I've been inside your bedroom I've murdered half the town Left you love notes on their headstones I'll fill the graveyards Until I have you

Moonlight walking I smell your softness Carnivorous and lusting To track you down among the pines I want you stuffed into my mouth ...Read more

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Muto by Blue

REALLY awesome stop animation wall art/graffiti!!!! Check it out!!!



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OK I found this site where this guy sells really random stuff.. I mean.. REALLY random stuff.. REALLY REALLY random stuff.. some of it is pretty funny.  Smart guy. LOL.


It's a long list that I haven't read through all the way yet, if I even will, but so far, one of my favorite's is:

If you give me $250 I will read the Little Prince in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in the middle of a wor...Read more

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Geek Flowchart

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Swell Swell Season (and no I didn't repeat Swell accidentally)

Hi boys and girls!

Here's an actual personal update for once instead of a mesh of random cool things...

I'm still somewhat sick, though much better than before.  But the coughs still there, particularly in the morning and at night.  And I learned this time that cold viruses can infect eyes... as seems to have happened to several other people I know who are sick.  It's REALLY annoying because I've been wearing glasses for most of the past week or so already, ins...Read more

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Reserve a spot in heaven or hell!




From the Heaven site FAQ:

Can you explain your guarantee? Reserve A Spot In Heaven stands behind our offerings 100%. If you don't get in then we will give you your money back. No questions asked.

If I’m going to hell, can I reserve my spo...Read more

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The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition. ~ Carl Sagan

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