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OK, I'm baking to death in my office room right now... what's up with this sudden heat?  It's nice outside.. but in here.. not so nice.

Anyway, read an article about geocaching today at http://www.insidebayarea.com/ci_5836880 and looked at the geocaching site http://www.geocaching.com

Didn't really know about geocaching before today, but it sure looks awesome.  According to the article, i...Read more

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Sooo soreeeee. Within the last 24 hours, I've played badminton for the first time in like 8-9 months, broomball for the first time of my life right after, ping pong at like 6am, and just got back from paintballing a few hours for the first time of my life.  I'm exhausted. And sore as hell.  But sooo funnn.  Hmm.. not sure I can make it out tonight ahh.  Must go shower for like the bazillionth time again... then I'll see....... ughh. =D

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Alright, I gotta post this link ... satisfying read. Goo warriors!


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Bourbon and ROUND 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woohoooo Warriors are going to ROUND 2!!!  How amazing is that? Wow!  Let's see how it goes!  Hmm maybe I should try to find Round 2 tix... if they aren't toooo expensive.  Let's see how far we.. err..Golden State can go!  They're like.. Naruto.. all heart. =)  Mwahaha dork = me.

Anywayz, I actually didn't finish watching the playoffs on TV last night.. (big thanks to Derek on keeping me updated through txt msgs haha).  Was out for the 2nd time this week on a weekday night... what's going ON?? <...Read more

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American legal system.. AT IT'S BEST! Oh yea. Oh yea.. raise the roof

Now this is F-ED up... gotta love the crap some ppl can pull with our legal system.  Wasting money and time and putting their own personal vendetta and agenda ahead of everything... this is so ridicluous.  What does it say about things? Read on...

Judge sues cleaner for $65M over pants

By LUBNA TAKRURI, Associated Press WriterThu May 3, 6:55 AM ET

WASHINGTON - The Chungs, immigrants from Read more

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We believe!

Gooo warriors! Drive that nail into Dallas' coffin. =)

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Entertaining, yet strange (and somewhat disturbing?)

Crazy Bear Grylls:


30 Strangest Animal Habits


Posted these on my RT vine too haha. Not sure if I want to post here and there or sometimes here or sometimes there.. will seeeee.

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Just a short (ok not so short) foray into AnD blog writing

Alright, I guess I'll try out posting a blog entry here on AnD... not that I will switch over from my vine blog yet, but just to test it out. 

Here I am, getting a little (or considerably) distracted while I'm at job #1.  One of those Wednesday hump days that feel like it should be Thursday or Friday already.  Job #2 is taking a whole new direction now, but at the same time I worry about the future ever the more.  I'll see how it pans out the next couple months. 

Last week...Read more

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The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition. ~ Carl Sagan

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