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Peek-a-boo (I see you).. or .. more like.. you see me! I'm back!

Hello, world!  I know I haven't posted in a long time and have gone rather MIA for a bit despite promises to help out with some things.  I've just hit one of those snag points in life where I'm re-evaluating a lot of things and a lil bent outta shape from previous endeavors and stuff.  Should be back on track soon, still a bit of resetting to do.  Since I last posted, my kitty cat Sake is doing much better, thank you.  Have been out and about more again, whether that's good ...Read more

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Thanks for the kitty well wishes, he's back home as of last night, but I'm about to rush home from work to check up on him then come back, since he's still recovering and there may be more complications, so gotta keep an eye on him and make sure he gets better. 

In the meantime, this beats Animal Planet!  Wow...

Video: Battle at Kruger (Buffalo vs Lions vs Crocs)

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Another week

So it's Monday again soon.  Things still not going that well.  My cat's still sick in the hospital and I have to get up at 6:45am again to transfer him to the regular pet hospital (emergency hospital on weekend since regular isn't open then).  Hopefully he'll be OK.  Racking up yet another huuuge med bill.  On top of that, my own PT bill came.  And my stocks have been down.  And some other things.  Altogether... ick...  Stayed in and bummed most of the weekend and called in to check on my cat and stuff.  Did some cleaning, althou...Read more

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Burning Man 2007?

Perhaps this is the year to finally check out Burning Man. Hmmm.. =) 

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Music makes my world go 'round

Ahh yesterday was not a good day... as Oki always says, Bad Day, Fuck It.  Wait .. is swearing allowed on this blog?  Will it get bleeped?  Anyway... lots of things to evaluate in life. 

But as always, listening to a damn good rock album in the car involuntarily puts a smile on my face.... gotta love music for that.  I must say if there's one thing in life never to give up, it's music. 

As usual, I've hit that time that occurs every few weeks or month or so when I buy a flurry of new albums from ...Read more

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Best camping trip yet!

OK, ok, haven't had time at all to catch up with some ppl and post about my lovely but exhausting weekend up at Lake Sonoma.. so here goes... this will probably be VERY long, but just to keep some of the details in my own memory.. =)

Friday after work, we rushed to load our cars and meet up.  By the time we finally left the city, it was a lot later than planned (so much for arriving at Lake Sonoma before dark).  We caravanned up in 2 cars and arrived around Lake Sonoma probably at.. 9:20 or so?  Somewhere around there.  Had...Read more

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Aww crap

I think I pulled my quadriceps .. must be from the overactivity of last weekend... started noticing the pain, especially when driving (right leg) yesterday or so... and I think I pulled it even more today packing gear for camping. Right before camping!  With a 2 mile hike to the campsite too and loads of heavy gear to hike in over rugged trails.  Ummm. Icing it down now and probably compress it with some bandage later.  Should be OK, I hope. Guess I really should start working out regularly if I want to keep participating in overactive weekends, hee...Read more

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Projekt Revolution

Whoa someone remind me to get tix for this 5/19!!!!




Linkin Park, Taking Back Sunday, Placebo, MCR, HIM, Saosin, many many others.. whoa!!!!!!!


Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!  Hope I can go =)

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Strategic pyromania

Do you like Rube Goldberg contraptions?  How about pryomaniac ones? =P 


I must say though, after all the coolness, I was hoping the ending would be more spectacular.. like.. uh.. a nuclear explosion... kidding kidding... =)

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The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition. ~ Carl Sagan

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