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Great American Bake Sale

Go support Kitty's bake sale!  ( firecracker)


I'm sure the food is delicious!  I will be ordering my fair share of tasty treats.

Most of all, the proceeds go to charity to feed impoverished, hungry children. 

A good cause and scrumptuous goodies!

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Brit rockers the Verve reunite for album, tour

"Silent since 1999, U.K. rock act the Verve is reuniting for a new album and fall live dates.


According to a post on the group's newly launched Web site (http://www.theverve.tv/), Richard Ashcroft, Nick McCabe, Simon Jones and Pete Salisbury were in a London studio last week laying down tracks for the album, which will be completed in the fall.


The Verve will then return to the stage for six U.K....Read more

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Kids these days...

So I get a ton of spam on myspace since there's a billion gazillion bands and such that promote themselves on there... and once in awhile a real msg .. as in.. some lame pickup line or something from some weird guy.  Or much more rarely, a msg of substance.  Anyway, just now I received from an Arnold the following:

"dam amy ur fine wanna be my friend and if u do request me wen u get this message "

Obviously one of the lame ones.. but I clicked the profile out of curiosity.

14 year old kid from Texas.Read more

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Just a lil wknd update

It's Monday and back to the usual grind.  Had a fun weekend for the most part.

Friday, hung out w/a few friends, had some good ramen, and rested up at home cuz the next day was PAINTBALL day at paintball jungle up near vallejo.  Got up early, headed up... of course a few gfs ended up missing the fun since they had a lil too much fun out the night before.

Have my bruises and bumps to show for the war games, but a little pain is nothing when you get to run around with a gun and shoot at your friends on all kinds of aw...Read more

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Aronofsky's The Fountain

Finally got around to watching The Fountain last night.  The Fountain is yet another mind trip of a movie directed by none other than Darren Aronofsky. 

It got really bad reviews from critics and most viewers, but hey, I had to check it out.. trippy, thought-provoking material with crazy visuals and music.. oh yea oh yea...

So I can see that a lot of people would hate this movie, while only a few would like it.  It is EXTREMELY eccentric.  The premise of the whole thing is probably not at all possible to be unders...Read more

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Artsy Fartsy

From my daily quick scan through the internet in the morn...

SF Art Project:


You get to enjoy art, history, and mini-golf at the same time!  Pretty cool actually... and it's free to check out too.  And those han...Read more

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Hmm.. some post lunch thoughts..

Pondering the fact that I'm such an organizer. I mean.. ask any of my friends, and they'd know.. I'm the planner.  I'm always planning events of all kinds to enjoy with friends.  While time consuming, I find it fun, and it is the one sure way to do some awesome stuff with the best of friends.  No matter how busy I am, I can find time to organize and plan.  Be it camping, rafting, concerts, paintball, weekly sports, watching sports, travelling, you name it... and my list of to-do's is mile...Read more

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From Linkin Park for indie bands in LA


MTV2 and Time Warner Cable are giving a chance for local, unsigned LA area bands to open for Projekt Revolution 2007 on July 28 in PREFIX = ST1 /San Bernardino, CA, alongside some of today's greatest bands such as LinkinPark, My Chemical Romance, and Taking Back Sunday.

Band Registration Period: June 15 - June 28 PREFIX = O / Online Voting Period: June 29 - July 11

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Here's a movie I just noticed online that I'm pretty sure I wanna see sometime...


Holy crap, 97% on RT!


OK yea I'm gonna hafta catch this somewhere, somehow!  Looks good!  Indie musical!  =D  Yippeeee.

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Mad Max: Kitten Warrior

Friend fwded this to me... I can't take in another cat, but if anyone else can... awwwwwww... lemme know and I'll send a msg down the grapevine... awww... I wanna go home and hug my cat.. and go to my mom's house and hug my mom's cat.. and our dog.. =P

"Yesterday, my boyfriend was driving fromPalo Altoto the city in nasty 101 traffic when his lane stopped completely.  Sitting there waiting for things to clear up, he realized that the cars weren't moving because there was a teeny kitten in the MIDDLE la...Read more

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The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition. ~ Carl Sagan

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