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The nerve of some people...

Ok this guy really pissed me off:


And the article is under sports, not under editorials. >=/

Who is he to decide which sports are "remarkable" or not, and which athletes are true athletes depending on what sports they excel at? This is BS!!!! At least show some respect regardless of which sports are his favorite to watch.  Or he'd rather go watch people killing each other in wars apparently.  He should go do that.  In fact, since he loves watching so much, shouldn't he be out there doing the fighting himself?  Coward. 

Why such writers are published, I do not understand...

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Photo 33734
This dude is a fool. A little funny about the archery part, but mostly a foolish man.
almost 12 years ago
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It's American News. News for the sake of news. To challenge for the sake of challenging. Or is it because it is held in Beijing... Hmmmmm
almost 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
ya, not very nice. =(
almost 12 years ago
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LCD (lowest common denominator). no doubt, his "real" sports are football, basketball, and baseball. No need to tell him that baseball died with steroids.
almost 12 years ago


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