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Reserve a spot in heaven or hell!




From the Heaven site FAQ:

Can you explain your guarantee? Reserve A Spot In Heaven stands behind our offerings 100%. If you don't get in then we will give you your money back. No questions asked.

If I’m going to hell, can I reserve my spot into heaven?

You could certainly try, but we can’t guarantee that the gatekeeper won’t know about your situation. Background checks are frequently done before entering and if you have a one way ticket to hell then there is a chance that they will find out.

Why are wings in a separate package? Once you reach heaven you do not automatically receive wings. You must sign up and take a flight training course. This way you can plan and sign up for the class before hand, as well as receive a cool t-shirt.

Can I get a refund? We are sorry but because of the custom nature of our product, all sales are final. If we make a mistake then we will be glad to fix the error. The only time we will issue a refund is if you do not make it into Heaven.

From the Hell site FAQ:

Is my reservation official? Reserve A Spot In Hell is the ONLY licensed and registered distributor of reservations in Hell. Rest assured that everything being offered on this website is guaranteed and officially registered in the Satan’s Log. Accept no imitations!

If I’m going to Heaven, can I reserve my spot into Hell? If you lead a good life but would like to enjoy the benefits of Hell, you can reserve your spot and we will pull some string to get you in. If you want to send someone to Hell and you think they are on a one way path to Heaven then we guarantee we will get them into Hell, regardless if they want to or not, or we will refund your money. 

LOL!  I suppose people might be spending money on this as gag gifts.  Hope no one believes it's for real.  I'm sure the site owner gets soooo much hate mail.  On the other hand, you can't prove it's false advertisment or anything despite the lack of disclaimers or small print.  You can't prove it wrong.  LOL.

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Thanks for ur interest in the best website ever created!!
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