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Peek-a-boo (I see you).. or .. more like.. you see me! I'm back!

Hello, world!  I know I haven't posted in a long time and have gone rather MIA for a bit despite promises to help out with some things.  I've just hit one of those snag points in life where I'm re-evaluating a lot of things and a lil bent outta shape from previous endeavors and stuff.  Should be back on track soon, still a bit of resetting to do.  Since I last posted, my kitty cat Sake is doing much better, thank you.  Have been out and about more again, whether that's good or not, I'm not sure.  Tried to go rafting this past weekend on the Merced River (Class III-IV) but that was canceled due to low waters (lack of snow in winter = bad for snowsports AND for summer watersports).  Will go into more details about happenings the past few weeks later on possibly, although nothing exciting really..... a good number of alcohol filled evenings (once leading to the loss of my driver's license .. ooops.. getting a new one tomorrow), a lot of vegetating on my couch and spacing out to movies, and just a lot of wondering what to really focus on next and a bit of straying too far and lack of focus. 

Without further ado, I guess I should post up those album reviews I had promised a good while back.. this will be long, so those not interested at all in reading album reviews, feel free to skip this whole section below!  I will use Rotten Tomatoes type 1-10 ratings, as that's what I've been conditioned to do now thanks to the RT boys! =)

1) Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight   [rating = 9]  ~ On first listen, I thought this album was mediocre.  A few good songs, but with the way too high expectations I had after awaiting a new Linkin Park album for years, it was really hard to meet the mark of inspiring awe.  After more listens, I can say I most definitely enjoy the album a lot, although it cannot compare to their past work.  I know that the bandmates had holed up for .. what was it? a year? in a house together with every possible musical apparatus to make this album to try and meet perfection.  It is not perfect, but hey, good job striving for it.  There's only a couple "hard" songs on the album, less than I expected, and they are not bad but not stupendous.  Some of the slow songs are absolutely beautiful and nice to mope to.  One song in particular that stands out is Valentine's Day.  At first I was like.. hmm a little cheesy (the lyrics).. but then I got past that really quickly.  Shinoda's rapping for slower songs is not bad, but also not extremely impressive (as I already noticed in Fort Minor slower rap songs which reminded me of Vitamin C songs back in early college).  The mixing for the songs was pretty good, but I wonder if they'll do a remix album like they did in the past.. I wonder how these songs will sound remixed.. Reanimation was AWESOME.  Can they do it again?  I think the songs are not as good material to work with as the amazing songs of the past.  Overall, I highly recommend the album.  It is pleasant to listen to.  It is no 10, however.  But probably the best album out of the batch of albums I bought lately.

2) Good Charlotte - Good Morning Revival  [rating = 9] ~ And the only other album from my most recent album purchase spasm to compare with Minutes to Midnight is this one.  Not being super knowledgable about Good Charlotte before I bought the album (only knowing the most popular singles from the past), I bought the album thinking it'd be a lil more pop-punk rock-ish like some of their older stuff.  Imagine my surprise when it leaned more toward arena rock and ballad on some songs!  OK, so the first 6 or 7 songs of the album remind me of A.F.I. (Misery, Dance Floor Anthem, Victims of Love, etc)!  Now, A.F.I. (A Fire Within for those who don't know) is one of my favorite bands (I have too many).  So needless to say, those catchy uppity (despite sometimes sappy lyrics) were fun to blare loudly in my car.   One song that really stands out with its own flavor is Keep Your Hands Off My Girl.  It's more of a .. hmm.. not rap but a .. spoken distorted song.. with a helluva bass beat and melodic catchy chorus.  It's awesome.  No way you wouldn't bop your head to that song.  Broken Hearts Parade and a few other songs remind me of Green Day.  Most definitely like this album!  Rock on!

3) The Used - Lies for the Liars  [rating = 7.5] ~  I know The Used have been around for awhile, but I never bought any of their music until their latest album, which was coincided to be released after their participation in the Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour (which I attended.. mostly to see 30 seconds to Mars.. woooo).  The Used's performance of some old and new songs prompted me to want to check out this album.  It's a fun album, with some fun songs, but overall it doesn't quite appeal to me enough.  The first couple songs and a few other ones later on have more of a classic rock feel.  The third song, The Bird and the Worm, is my favorite on the album.  It's grandiose and has a satisfying, beautiful bittersweet chorus.  There are a few twistedly beautiful slow songs, such as as Smother Me (is that what people really want in a relationship?  Smother Meeeeeee .. maybe huh.. if in love enough).  Then there's the mega fun, mega explicit Liar, Liar (Burn in Hell).  Turn THAT up to full blast while you're driving down the freeway.. what fun!  Liar, liar, pants on fire, you mutherBLEEP.. liar, liar... hee.  OKok.. I guess depending on my mood, this album might be at an 8, but since it does depend on my mood, it is a 7.5.  Now if all the songs were like the third song, then whoaaaaaaa..

4) Plain White T's - All That We Needed [rating = 7.5] ~ This one is not a new album.  This album was released in January of 2005, so it's been out over 2 years now.  How did I get around to buying it?  Well as I mentioned in a previous post, their song Hey There, Delilah is beyouuuuuuutiful.  Love it love it love it.  Mega emo purty purty lovely song.  So I looked them up and decided to give the album a try, expecting it to be pure emo bliss to lose myself in.  Well.. it wasn't quite the same emo the rest of the album, but it was a pretty satisfying album nonetheless.  I guess you can say Plain White T's is more of a pop rock type of band...  Of course in the beginning, I kept skipping to the last track of the album (which I'm usually not fond of doing.. I have a pet peeve about listening to an album from start to finish.. giving each song its rightful attention instead of only listening to a few  and ignoring the rest).  Once I started listening to the full album, I found myself enjoying a lot of the other songs.  I believe the producers for the band are the same for Jimmy Eat World and Fallout Boy.  Not surprising.  There are songs where Plain White T's most definitely sound similar to Jimmy Eat World (ggggggreat band!!!).  Of course Jimmy Eat World is still better, IMHO. But hey, until there's a new Jimmy Eat World album (someday?), why not listen to some Plain White T's?

5)  Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare  [rating=8] ~ With all the other albums I was enjoying, I didn't get around to fully enjoying this album as much as I should?  I considered giving it a 7.5 because I hadn't enjoyed it enough for long enough, but it deserves at least 8 just for genius.  I'm actually listening to it more and more now and enjoying it even more.  Arctic Monkeys is an English indie rock band. Gotta love those Brit bands.  Definitely can notice the thick singing accent.  This album was just so different from the other ones I was listening to lately that it was hard to transition into it.  Arctic Monkeys reminds me of Franz Ferdinand.  I am pretty fond of Franz Ferdinand (when oh when is the next album?).   Sometimes the music seems tinged with a bit more ska and trip hop... And a lot of rythym.  It's a cool album... and I mean.. "coooooooool".  Cool cat cooooooool.  Fun to listen to.  Definitely not mainstream pop-y stuff.  More layered and complex music.  The lyrics are pretty twisty neato too.   A few of the songs I liked for sure are Brainstorm and This House is a Circus.  ("This house is a circus, berzerk as f*ck!")  Hmm maybe this album will warrant a rating upgrade later on...

Hmm 5 reviews, I think I'll leave it at that for now.  No, I didn't forget that I mentioned  I have Avril's latest album as well, but I really haven't listened to it all that much yet, although 2nd listen was a bit better than first.  Still need to give it more attention before I can substantiate any honest opinions.  I also finally received the Bravery album The Sun and the Moon.  I just took the shrink wrap off since I am waiting to listen to it after I have given enough attention to other albums, but I have a feeling I will enjoy this one for sure.  Oh,and then there's the Joseph Arthur album too that I haven't quite gotten around to (funny.. I think the song that first introed me to Joseph Arthur was.. oh no not sun and moon but Honey and the Moon).  So I'll do that later on too.. he's much more folk-sy so must transition into it!

Am I an album nut or what? =D  If i had more knowledge I sure wouldn't mind being a music critic/reviewer mwahaha... all hail Ben Fong-Torres!!!

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Wow, trying to make up for the lack of blogs with a long one, huh? Well glad to see you're around and you cat is doing ok :)
about 13 years ago
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Cool I guess I'll grab the new Linkin Park, I was waiting to see what people thought. I didn't care much for their single, but I'll give it a shot! That sucks about rafting :( Global warming..It's a myth! ;P
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Stephen 93 stephen
Hey Amy -- welcome back. I'll be back in the Bay area for a brief time next Friday and then again from Sunday, June 24-Tue. June 26. Hope to see you then! I hope everything is going well life-wise. Just remember that your health and family are the most important things and that other things will eventually become footnotes.
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
u r a total music reviewer. when u come visit hk again, bring all your music with you! i want to listen too...
about 13 years ago


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