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Music makes my world go 'round

Ahh yesterday was not a good day... as Oki always says, Bad Day, Fuck It.  Wait .. is swearing allowed on this blog?  Will it get bleeped?  Anyway... lots of things to evaluate in life. 

But as always, listening to a damn good rock album in the car involuntarily puts a smile on my face.... gotta love music for that.  I must say if there's one thing in life never to give up, it's music. 

As usual, I've hit that time that occurs every few weeks or month or so when I buy a flurry of new albums from Best Buy because I've gone through the previous purchases repeatedly in my car CD changer for awhile already.  Some are albums I know I will like.. some are ones I experiment with.  Once in a while I miss, oftentimes I hit, and sometimes I hit really well. 

As some of you know, I tend to post reviews of albums on my Rotten Tomatoes blog.  This time I've bought 4-5 albums, but I've yet to listen through most of them and I am rabidly waiting for my Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight album in the mail still.  But what album put the smile on my face this morning?  Good Charlotte's Good Morning Revival!  I had done a quick listen through yesterday without paying much attention.. but this morning when I went through the first 3 songs again on my drive to work..  wheeeeeeeeee.  Took my mind off some things momentarily.

I will post reviews once I listen through in totality and with attention to detail.  Other albums to listen through and review.. Arctic Monkeys's Favorite Worst Nightmare, and .. yes you read it right... Avril Lavigne's The Best Damn Thing (hey her previous album was good! quick listen through this one was ..hrmmm haha.. a lil too teen poppy rock but we'll see).  I think I bought another album too but I don't recall =P  I'm an album monster.. mwaha.  I luv luv luv rock music of all kinds... 

Oh one more thing.. well two more.  2 songs that I love right now that I don't have on albums.. Rise Against's Prayer of a Refugee (well I liked that one for long while already.. but lately it's been an often-played single on live 105).. and for the emo's out there, a helluva beautiful sappy song is Plain White T's Hey There Delilah.

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
dang, so hard for me to keep up with music here. =(
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