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Mcdonald's monopoly game

Anyone playing the monopoly game at McDonald's in the US?  Seeing as the contest is ending soon and I haven't won $1,000,000 yet with the myriad of game pieces I have (I tend to go to McD's a lot since it's right across from my work.. plus more incentive with the game.. plus I was very curious if it's possible to win if I bought more sodas and stuff from McD's on a pretty regular basis haha).  I know that the whole thing is kinda skewed in that they throw out a ton of the same game pieces, and only like, a rare one or two or what not of other game pieces so it's extremely hard to win. Most of my pieces are probably the super duper common ones and not the rare ones, though there might be a couple harder to get ones.. so if you have or need certain pieces that I have or want, maybe we can share prizes..haha

Arches Avenue - qty 2 (just need Golden Ave.. yea like anyone has it)

Park Place - qty 2 (just need Boardwalk... yea like anyone EVER EVER EVER gets boardwalk)

Pacific ave - qty 1 (still need North Carolina and Pennsylvania)

Indiana Ave - qty 1 (ONLY need Kentucky Ave.. anyone have?)

Illinois Ave - qty 1 (ditto to above only need Kentucky for this set!!)

St James Place - qty 3 (only need Tennessee Ave)

New York Ave - qty 2 (ditto to above need Tennessee)

St Charles Place - qty 6 (very common I guess! need Virginia Ave!)

States Avenue - qty 1 (I think this is rare compared to St Charles! Need Virginia)

Oriental Ave - qty 1 (need Vermont!)

Connecticut Ave - qty 2 (ditto above need Vermont!)

B&O Railroad - qty 1 (need Pennsylvania and Short Line)

Reading Railroad - qty 2 (same above, need Pennsylvania and Short Line)

Baltic Ave - qty 2 (need Mediterranean for.. a whopping $100! even this is hard to get!)

Electric Company - qty 2 (need Water Works)

So ya if anyone has any of that and wants to share.. hit me up! Haha.

Also, do you play the online www.PlayatmcD.com? i do that everytime w/my pieces and what crap! I go around the board dozens of times and keep landing on the same properties..or on free parking (which gets you nothing) or the tax space or something dumb. If I finally land on chance or something.. the only thing I got were a few Coke Rewards points. And that gets counted into their prideful number of "prizes awarded daily"

Also, the coupon game piece that comes w/certain items is crap this year too!!! Before it was either footlocker or best buy!!! This year it's only footlocker and you can only stack up to 25% off.  So i have like..a ton of 25% off footlocker coupons and a few 5%-15% that are stackable up to 25%.  Uhh. I don't need anything at footlocker now. What happened to Best Buy? -___-

My conclusion at the end of this monthlong contest will probably be that it's crap and shouldn't affect whether ppl go to buy more McD's or not.  Though I guess there's always the off chance you'll be extremely lucky.  Or someone should do a super size me thing DURING the contest run. If that doesn't result in even a $50 prize or something then..screw consumer dedication =P

I have heard however that pieces might be spread out geographically and  visiting a different McD's each time is helpful. shrug  Someone else can go test that out. Haha.

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
ya, only one piece matters for each set.... should prolly be info on which one that is online somewhere.
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