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OK I found this site where this guy sells really random stuff.. I mean.. REALLY random stuff.. REALLY REALLY random stuff.. some of it is pretty funny.  Smart guy. LOL.


It's a long list that I haven't read through all the way yet, if I even will, but so far, one of my favorite's is:

If you give me $250 I will read the Little Prince in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in the middle of a work day. I will send you photograph documentation of this. (or: if you give me $1000 I will buy as many copies of the Little Prince as I can and give them away to people leaving the New York Stock Exchange after a days work)

WAHAHA.  =P  Mwaha. Woo. OK yea I appreciate the sarcasm behind that for sure. grin

Strange that so many people actually bought "empty envelopes":

If you give me $3 I will send you an empty envelope. It is like sending you nothing. Or atleast, it is sending you something that has traveled a journey that is the distance from me to you.

*Jenn Wong has an empty envelope mailed from New York to New York. *Philip Hucknall has an empty envelope mailed from New York to Glasgow. *Gold Joinee Abad has an empty envelope mailed from New York to Madrid. *Chad Cheney has an empty envelope mailed from New York to Battle Ground, WA. *Simon Gibson has two empty envelopes mailed from New York to the United Kingdom.

Oooh actually I like this one... maybe I'll actually buy this one.. HMM.. maybe.. maybe not.. but it's actually helpful and has a point.

If you give me $30 I will walk around New York, and the first homeless person I see I will buy him or her whatever he or she wants to eat (as long as it is less than $30). I will mail you back the exact change (minus the paypal fee and the cost of the postage stamp) with the receipt for the food and the name of the person who ate it.

*Kris Efland bought a really big Kentucky Fried Chicken meal and an orange drink from Nedick's for Regional Keith on W 33rd and Broadway on February 24, 2008. *Joie Mikitson bought a bunch of groceries from Park Avenue Food Court for Francis on E 10th and 4th Ave on February 25, 2008. *Bart Schouten bought a pizza full of every topping except anchovies from Johns' of Bleeker Street for Marvin who was in the Houston train stop for the 1 on February 28, 2008.

LOL ouch.. read the example haha.

This one is really serious. I'm scared to do this. But I think I have to. If you give me $10 I will think really hard of someone who I need to apologize to. I will write them a letter of apology. I will make two copies of the letter. I will send one to you and one to the person who I am apologizing to.

*Hana Hutchings owns an apology letter to Laura Pearson. *Hyunhye Seo owns an apology letter to Uta Barth. *Brent Goldman owns an apology letter to Jim Isermann.

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Haha. OK yea I think I might do the homeless one just cuz it's actually something good and not a complete waste of money or pointless.  I wanna feed someone needy in NY! 

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wow.. interesting concept...
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