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Aww crap

I think I pulled my quadriceps .. must be from the overactivity of last weekend... started noticing the pain, especially when driving (right leg) yesterday or so... and I think I pulled it even more today packing gear for camping. Right before camping!  With a 2 mile hike to the campsite too and loads of heavy gear to hike in over rugged trails.  Ummm. Icing it down now and probably compress it with some bandage later.  Should be OK, I hope. Guess I really should start working out regularly if I want to keep participating in overactive weekends, hee.  Great... what's up with all my injuries this past year?  Getting old?  Or just not in shape and pushing myself in random spurts?  Probably a combo.  OK I really do need to start stretching whenever I do anything active now.   Wish me luck at camping and hope the pull doesn't get worse knock on wood.  Last thing I need is to start going to the orthopedic dr and PT again..... ha!  Should be OK though.  Maybe I shouldn't be one of the drivers tomorrow......

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doh. a neoprene sleeve will probably help a lot with that...
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