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happy easter!

hey all, i know i have gone MIA for quite some time..but here's my latest NIKE FREE shoot for BAR Magazine-April Edition 2011! trying to be athletic here! and yes, i did work out prior to the big day :)BAR Magazine CoverMy spread![](/attachments/2011/04/26/01/203445_201104260150541.thumb.jpg)and i gotta say those neon sneakers are so comfy!! i'm off ...Read more

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a change of path!! :) catch me on tv now!

hey all,I haven't been here for awhile, but here's the latest update!! i have left my radio gig at ICRT after almost 3 years, and i'm now working for CTS News.  :) I'm loving my new job, except the fact that it's super early, but regardless, show some love and support! I can be your personal alarm clock ;)Check out the entire new CTS News program Monday through Sunday on your  TV from 6:00 am! You'll get all the Taiwan news you need :)or you can catch it online if you're not a morning pers...Read more

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serious business!

Make sure you stay tuned to Taiwan's CTS English News coming your way!! :) 華視英語主播舉辦海選 錄取率不到1%2010/06/14 00:00 華視 華視日前舉辦「最正」英語主播第一階段海選,活動才開放一週報名就吸引102人參加,由於只錄取1位名額,錄取率還不到1%,比空姐錄取門檻高出許多。本次華視新聞部希望招募的新世代英語主播條件是「最正」,不管是發音、長相、新聞製播邏輯、口條,只要自認夠「正」就有機會錄取,目的在培訓未來數位電視的英語新聞即時教學軟體種子教師,因此吸引不少空姐、電台DJ、美語老師、國會助理、口譯工作者等人報名挑戰,還有大學英語教授更前來探路,不過幾位無線與有線新聞台的現任主播現身一下子就吸引所有人目光焦點,華視新聞部經理林淑卿就表示:「英語主播較一般主播的播報工作難度高許多,光是英語發音和播報流暢度就不是一般主播能勝任的,所以英語主播轉往其他新聞播報工作也較容易普及,侯佩岑就是一個例子。」前華視主播王薇也應老東家之邀...Read more

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didi's birthday!

i love didi!! happy birthday !! didi turns 8 on 4/13!

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congrats to all those getting hitched!

so if you're wondering what i've been doing these past two months... here's the lowdown..haha..my friends are all getting married!!went to las vegas for an all girls trip! i love vegas!! although i lost some money playing "wheel of fortune"! i can't seem to resist "spin spin spin"!!my trip to the sin city was followed by a wedding in pasadena, california, and another wedding luncheon in irvine, california....and somehow..i'm now a godmother! then i flew to singapore last weekend.....Read more

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happy chinese new year! happy valentine's day!

double pleasure! double celebration! wanna wish you all a happy chinese new year and happy valentine's day! i know i know..im kinda late at posting this blog...but forgive me because i haven't had a chance to go on the site because i have been busy hanging out with family in the south...in kaoshiung!the weather is finally clearing up a bit..it has been crappy for awhile....now that im back to my duty...here's my latest schedule:on this first work week of the year of the tiger,i'll be subbing ...Read more

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happy new year!

happy 2010! xo a new year.. a new beginning!!in need for something more exciting..more fulfilling ..to satisfy my cravings this year!!...been back in twn for 3 years now......and im getting awfully bored...hahanew year's resolutions:#1: travel and explore 5 more destinations!#2: exercise 3 times a week to tighten up ;)#3: earn more money!! i seriously need to get my act together hahaas for now..im off for a new haircut!cheers to a better year &keep me posted on new gigs and events! ill be the first to show up!xo

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another month has passed..

and here's what i've been doing: 11.21.09My friend's Skull N' Roses' reopening! Go check out the store in DongChu, Taipei.11.27.09MEC performs at Spark night club in Taipei11.28.09 @ the Hennessy Artistry Halo in Guangzhou, ChinaRead more

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MEC's first show @ the wall!

time to upload some pics =) 10.19 @ farmhouse in taipei:MEC's first ticket selling show @ the wall in taipei:Read more

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MEC band performing at Farmhouse tonight!

MEC band showcasing at Farmhouse tonight!  i'm gonna be a guest vocal..so if you're in town, join me for some rock tunes here in taipei!Location:  田莊FarmhouseAddress:台北市中山區雙城街32巷5號hope to see ya there!louisa

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