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Lover's Discourse 戀人絮語 in HK - Go to the cinema now!

For those of you residing in Hong Kong, and you want to watch a well made, heart-felt, thoughtful and charming local film, this is your chance. Lover's Discourse directed by Derek Tsang and Jimmy Wan is not to be missed. Go support new directors, go support or there will be just HK-China coproduced films and less or none of those with great local viewpoints, go support an ensemble team of actors who did really well in the film  (eason chan, karena lam, kay tse, eddie peng, jacky heung, mavis fan, w...Read more

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一頁台北 AU REVOIR TAIPEI opens in HK Aug 19th

One of the most charming and beautiful film to from a superbly talented new director, Arvin Chen, 一頁台北 Au Revoir Taipei opens this Thurs in HK at IFC, The Grand and Broadway Cinemateque. It is a gem not to be missed. Amber Guo the lead actress will be doing some Q & As at some of the screenings this Thurs...

Below is the link to the trailer. Dont miss th...Read more

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Empowering Filmmakers - Tom Bernard

Indiewire recently held a first event collaborating with HSBC to host film related panels.Tom Bernard from Sony Pictures Classics said nothing new but what he said is always useful for new producers and directors plus serves as pertinent reminders to seasoned producers who are sometime jaded and cynical about their work as the challenges seems overwhelming.Below is what said that I am using a reminder to myself. I get asked the questions below a lot by new filmmakers and glad someone put it down on paper ....***You can’t b...Read more

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Upcoming Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF)

The Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) will take place this year from October 7th to 15th at the port city of Busan in South Korea. This is generally considered to be one of the best festivals in the world and certainly a must-visit for the Asian Film Industry. As the advisor to the festival and Asian Film Market (AFM) which runs alongside the festival, this year, will be a busy one for me there. I will have a film screening in competition, a film in the Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP), moderating a panel an...Read more

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Lover's Discourse 戀人絮語

 Teaser Poster of a brand new film by Irresistible Films

萬誘引力電影&香港電影發展基金prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

Irresistible Films & Hong Kong Film Development Fund





ET Movie Production





出品人:江志強 千葉龍平 薜文熹 

Executive Producers: Bill Kong, Ryuhei Chiba & Hugh Simon



Co-Executive Producers: Nansun Shi & Budd...Read more

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Nervous about the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards

Feeling fairly nervous about tomorrow's award ceremony. I dont get nervous much except when go through long period of not having any nasi lemak but that is another story.

When we first started out making AT THE END OF DAYBREAK (心魔), it was with a a lot of hope that we can be bringing a synergy between malaysian and hong kong that is not forced and unnatural. We seeked out actors we had long admired and whom we think we could handle the characters in the script and bring the film to a new level.

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Go Watch Bodyguards & Assasins

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The amazing Wai Ying Hung talks about her role in AT THE END OF DAYBREAK

One clip with chinese subtitles and the other with english subtitles. Enjoy!

Go catch the film in cinemas in HK soon. Showing at THE GRAND and BROADWAY CINEMATEQUE.


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...Read more

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past ramblings on facebook for variety asia group

aug 4th

Everywhere I go to now, I am surrounded by images of Bei-bei, Jing-jing, Huan-huan, Ying-ying, Ni-ni - the 5 mascots of the Beijing Olympics. There is no escaping the biggest sporting event of the year so while waiting for it to be over, below are some of the non-olympic medals of our own making.

  1. Drama Queen of the Month - Tony Jaa

He wanted to be known as an artist and be taken seriously as a filmmaker (even when he is most famous for his "no wire" hard ...Read more

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