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Just sum silly things...on mai mind...

Rambling on now...wow...who knew people actually cared about what I think?

Anywho..."Nobody makes me Bleed my OWN blood...NObody!" hahaha...

If anyone can figure THAT out...Kudos to you! I'll write a blog with your name

In the mention! heh...OH wells...seems to me I hate to "chat" seriously on these things...

I much prefer "silliness"...I feel as though I've matured sumwhat...I dont really care what

others think of me anymore...I just am "too" tired...I've got better things to do...

Oh, and btw, for anyone who I "do" not reply or post comments...

I'm just too DAMN tired/lazy to "type" sumthing..."meaningful" or "funny"

I just forget sumtimes to write a comment...and plus, I've disappointed meself too

many times in the past...where I've put TOo much energy into my comments/posts...

So I'll just "refrain" from picking sides...sumtimes I'm "Emotional" but I do NOT

pose a threat...I'm quite the "harmless" kind of guy...I am JUST "emo" heh...oh wells...

Most people who get to know me...realize this...  

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Funny or serious Loc....I don't mind either, both are helpful and inspiring. You have a lot of energy....transport it into your scripts and you'll soon be the next J R R Tolkien.
over 12 years ago
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Even just blogs like this you have to put some effort into it. :) you're doing fine here :D
over 12 years ago
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Way to go, Loc-chan ~ I know you have great writing skills in you ~ just let them develop naturally ~ don't force it ~ 'cause forcing it is where writer's develop "writer's block" ~ or else they burn out ~ sumthin I don't want to happen to my little bro! ^^ Hugs ya, ototo-chan! ^^
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Diana...I think you make the most sense to me right now...I will "develop" slowly as you have suggested...for now...just gonna go "relax"...'fore the year 2008 Consumes me in FLAMES & spotlight...haha...
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"Nobody makes me bleed my own blood...nobody!" This quote, to me, means that the speaker is exercising total and complete control over his/her self thus not allowing anybody to have any iota of control over them. Even if wounded, the speaker would not allow the wounder to have the satisfaction of bleeding because that would certainly imply the wounder has control. Just my thoughts!
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