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Hey...I'm starting to...

Get sum inspiration...I think...

Hmmm...usually I'm "afraid" of what I'll say here...as to NOT influence others...

But what the hell? I'm gonna be me...free to be...insecure and cruel...be myself...

Just happy for once...not "hold" it in anymore...who am I anyways?

I do NOT think anyone cares to read what I have to say anyway...

This whole time I've NOT revealed the true me...as in...I've held back...

For fear of "scaring" away others...and like the self-fulfilling prophecy...

Voila! Anyways...I had put sum "vids" of me singing "poorly" on a french

Video website..and sum "french" dudes got "offended" by one of my song

renditions of Arctic Monkeys single...admittedly,

I did SUCK hard...I just put it on to be like a "history" storage...I do NOT like to

Let things go to waste...but well I've been thinking I may do a more SERIOUS

Version this time...maybe in the coming week or so...Just so that I can show these

Snobby lil' Frenchies that I CAN sing and that the "losers" who post Negative

comments can KISS my A@@ heh...I'll "Butcher" any SONG I LIKE to

Thank u very much! hah...oh wells, guess I'm OFF Now...

I've ALSO learned one NEW Thing...to NEVER pursue sumthing NOT worthy

of my time...especially those who are "negative" to me...and such...I've learned

To drop "sumthing" when it's gotten to "hairy" cuz...well, who WANTED to go

After sumthing that will KNOWingly BLOW back UP in UR Face? Who? NOt me!!!

That's foR shURe!!!!

PUheAST OUt...!!!


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what a h*ll.. anyhow! way to go!
over 12 years ago
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Being true to oneself is the most important thing in this world, if you have to live a lie for people to like you then it is a sacrifice too far. Be yourself Loc.....I know it sounds weird coming from me especially, but I hope you can understand
over 12 years ago
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you just have to be who you are. who cares what anyone else says? You have to believe in yourself!
over 12 years ago
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Way to go, Loc-chan! ^^
over 12 years ago



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