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The Triad


By Source thru Hazel
本源天父通过 黑兹尔传递
Jul 3, 2011 - 2:50:02 PM

原文: http://abundanthope.net/pages/hazel/The-Triad.shtml
凤凰涅槃翻译, stohz校对,结合mariacai26的翻译润色

The Triad- The Source

The triad as we shall call it is the energy grid for mankind to use for his personal spiritual development in mortal abode.

我们称之的“三元组”是人类在凡世逗留中为他的个人灵性发展而使用的 能量网格。

There are many ways to and many lessons necessary to achieve a spiritual state yet there is a three point system that can be used as a benchmark to allow for a sequential and logical flow of divinity. What eventuates is a reopening and awakening of cells which store the truth of the real you. Conceptualise a triangle with its three points. Call the first base point Purification, the apex, Glorification and the other base point Personification.
有许多方式,以及许多必要的课程以达到一种灵性状态,然而有一个三元体系可以作为一个基准以允许一种有序的、合乎逻辑的神性流动。最终发生的是那些存储着[真实之你的真相] 的细胞们被重新开启和唤醒。可以将一个三角形的三点概念化。称第一个基点为【净化】,顶点为【恩典】,另一个基点为【人格化】。

Man in his physical dimension must individually go through a process of purification- a detoxification of the mind so that historic or current patterns of thoughts and beliefs alien to the Creator’s energy be removed so that the essence of truth be the replacement. I would like to make it abundantly clear that what I speak of is responsible for inner harmony and accord with divine energy which will take you back to a state of perfection eventually. I am not in this piece concerned with truth as you see or know it in your outer territory. I address that which is inner-that which shall assist you in returning and claiming the authenticity of your true being. This is indeed not a shallow exposition. Many of you have become too attuned to the outer world that you have absorbed and developed toxic belief and patterns of behaviour throughout many incarnations which you give credence to in the context of your life path on earth. You are unaware that there are many barriers which need to be removed so that you can be restored to your original state. You often make choices amenable to your daily living which at times conflict with the needs of spirit. You see your life in body and life in spirit as two distinct elements. There are many who can only see through the tunnel of the body. Yet the programme of life really requires you to achieve a balanced union of both. The body does not make the mind but vice versa and therefore it is your mind that you must focus on to assist in your evolution on earth.
人类在他的物质维度里,必须单独地走过一个净化的过程—一种心智上的去毒,以便那些与造物主能量不相容的, 历史的或当前的思想及信仰模式被去除,这样使真理的本质恢复它的原位。要澄清的是,我所论及的是关于内在的和谐,并且与最终带你回到一种 [完美状态] 的神圣能量相一致。在这篇讯息中,我不关心在你们外界领域上所看到或所了解的真相。我所讲述的是内在的、将会协助你们回归并获得你们真正存在之真实性的那个。这的确不是一次浅显的阐述。

你们当中的许多人变得过于与外界世界合拍,以致于使你们在信以为真的地球生命旅途中, 许多世的轮回中吸收和发展了有毒的信仰和行为模式。你们并未察觉有许多障碍需要被移除,这样你们才能够恢复成 [原初之状态] 。你们经常选择顺从于你的日常生活,而这有时会与灵性的需要相冲突。你们视 [身体的生命] 和 [灵性的生命] 为两个截然不同的要素。许多人仅仅能够通过身体的通道(感官)去观察。但是生命的安排真的需要你达到 两者平衡的结合。身体不能产生心智,反之亦然。因此你必须集中于你的心智,以帮助你在地球上的进化。

Do you feel a sense of emptiness, longing for more, a desire to express yourself? Are you joyful in spite of the world around you? Are you unsure of the decisions you make in life? Do you trust yourself to make decisions that are for your highest good? Do you feel a sense of connection with your fellow men? Are you weak in yourself or empowered by you? Do you self sabotage? Ponder upon these few questions and if in the majority the response is negative then you must focus on why and seek the solution. In the majority your minds have become clouded and dense and this creates a barrier which makes it difficult for light to penetrate. As this has affected the collective consciousness it has become increasingly difficult for inner change to be effected.
沉思这些问题,如果大多数的回答是负面的,那么你必须集中于原因并寻求解决方法。在大多数人中,你们的心智已经变得阴云密布,以及稠密,这会创造屏障使得光很难渗入。因为这已经影响到集体意识,会让 [内在改变] 变得日益困难。

If the mind is not clear, clean and attached to its Source, how ever will it be nourished and taught, that it may direct itself to assist you on your path? Your knowing mind is the mind that you need to reconnect with, to which your conscious mind must be aligned. Yet you can ill afford to ignore that mind which thoroughly controls your actions and reactions i.e. your unconscious mind. This part of your mind can be your best friend or worse enemy though unknowingly so. This is your programmed mind. What you have through your lives put into it, it gives back to you. Part of the purification ideal involves a conscious reprogramming of the unconscious mind.
如果心智不清晰、不纯净,不能附着于其源头,那它又怎能被滋养和教导,使之可能引导它自己在你的旅途上协助你呢?你的【知晓心智】是你需要重新连接的,你的【意识心智】必须与之 校准。但是你可能无法忽视那个彻底 控制你的行动和反应的心智,例如你的 潜意识。这部分心智可能是你最好的朋友, 也可能是更坏的敌人,虽然这会发生在 不知不觉中。这是你被编程的心智。你在你的生命中放进去的,它会归还给你。这个完美净化的一部分包括了对潜意识心智的一次有意识的重新编程。

Purification is the staring point to enable you to return to the path you are meant to be on. The lower mind must be purified, cleansed and renewed that habits, beliefs and thought patterns are relinquished for a new dimension of experience in tune with your higher self. The process of prayer and meditation coupled with a desire and intent to make changes will inspire an inner revolution. Gradually you will find that the old is cleared and as the old is removed a new light take its place and thus begins the revolution within the human mind.
较低的心智 必须被净化、清洗和更新;如此 习惯、信仰和思维模式会被放弃,以迎来与你的高我协调一致的新次元体验。[带着做出改变的渴望与意愿] 的祈祷和冥想的进程将会激发一次内在的革命。逐渐的,你将会发现旧的被清除,当 旧的被移除的时候,一种新的光会取代其位置,从而开始了一场在 人类心灵之内的革命。

You will routinely begin through your efforts to draw higher light which begins to condense in a fluid of wisdom and your mind becomes expansive until you arrive at the realisation of the true you and what is at the centre of your very self. This leads us to the apex - Glorification. Please know that you need not achieve the state of perfection to experience this glorification, for knowledge and awareness comes first which will be the inevitable spur to your desire to experience that Glorification. That is the essence of Source. Purification will allow you to experience through knowing and otherwise the presence of your Source that you may be reminded of your unbreakable connection and start to utilise this connection that you may personify the virtues of Source in your mortal abode. This is the natural sequence.
你将不断通过你的努力开始汲取更高层次的光,它会开始凝结成一种智慧之流,你的心智开始扩展,直到你到达 [真正之你] 的实现,它就在你真正自我的中心。这指引我们到达 顶点—【恩典】。请了解你并 不需要达到完美的状态而去体验这恩典,因为知晓和觉悟会首先出现,这将对你的渴望去体验那 [恩典] 是必然的激励。那是源头的本质。[净化] 将会允许你通过 [知晓]、或是你源头的临在去体验,如此你会被提醒你那牢不可破的连接,并开始使用这种连接,你可以在你凡世逗留期间将本源的美德人格化表现出来。这是一个自然的次序。

Every breath that you draw into your body requires you to take a step or make the effort from one part of the triad to another. It is a gradual endeavour commensurate to your vision, desire and goal. The most challenging step is between Purification and Glorification; yet this is predicated on your ability to know that purification is necessary.
你汲取到你身体的每一次呼吸需要你从三元组的一部分到另一部分迈出一步或做出努力。这是一个循序渐进的努力,与你的视野、渴望和目标相称。最具挑战的一步是在 [净化]和[恩典]之间,但依据你的能力,确切的知道[净化]是必要的。

As you experience or begin to understand the glory of the ONE an inner transformation will occur which will encourage Personification of the God virtues and values. You begin to manifest them in your life. The sustenance of these qualities in your life on earth shall be the direct propeller back to the Source.

It is your aspiration to meet the divine goal which shall lead you towards its attainment. Stretching yourself becomes necessary as well as a willingness to be tested that you can safely measure the nature and extent of the achievement.
你那达到神性目标的强烈意愿将会带领你实现它。拓展你自己成为必要,同时乐意去 被测试,如此你可以安全地度量这份成就的性质和程度。

There are many ways of telling a story as there are many pathways home; yet if you realise the value of Purification everything necessary to direct you home will fall into place.


The Source

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