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New Job!

It makes two weeks that I started my new work as pharmacist technical assistant  Now I see the difference from my last bored life in the convenient store. Now I have more time for my family and myself. Even I work 3-4 days a week and my salary is not high but I'm still happy with that because I can get time to plan several projects for my future  In the same time as making money I can study whatever subjects that I want to. Actually the best thing that I...Read more

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Life's changements

Hello everyone, long time no see! It makes a while that I haven't come here. Well, since I made the last entry nothing has change in my life untill 2012. On december 2012 I sold the convenient store and then I took a year off and since 2013 I started to study in P.T.A ( pharmacist technical assistant ). If everything goes well, next year on february-march I'll be graduated and starting a ner carreer!

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The whole world can say that I am a bad girl, devil, monster or whatever as they want but I really can't take it anymore, my patience is over!!!!!!!!

I WANT THE DEATH OF MY BROTHERS AND FATHER!!!!!   A lot of peoples tell me that I only need to move out of this home and I gonna have peace but I don't think so because there is always a way for them to find me and give me troubles. But if all of them die I'm gonna have peace. My mom doesn't need to have a headache because of them anymore and me, I won't need to get...Read more

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health report

Hello everyone! I am here to share my sadness again. Last month I went to see doctor because I have chest pain from the heart. The doctor said that there are 2 possibilities for me : 1- I have heart disease  2- I suffer for anxiety crisis. As she said the first option is almost impossible as my tension is lower than normal person so the second option is the cause of my chest pain, but she still insisted to send me to consult a cardiologist. I haven't take any appointment for the cardiologist yet, I only take the relaxant pills that she gave...Read more

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Long time no see

I haven't come here for a long time, seems that I miss a lot. Firstly, I wish to all you a LATE HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! Sorry to be late, I was so busy and confused these few weeks. My mom is sick for few weeks, the first day she fell sick I closed the store to bring to emergency. Seeing her having pain made me feel so bad. If I could I would suffer at her place. We spent the evening at the emergency but what make me feel more bad is to see my father staying there waiting for us at the  hospital's waiting room. He didn't leave u...Read more

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November 24th,        I didn't get any gift from my family for my birthday but last Sunday, I bought myself my dream gift.

I have always dream to have turtles and I finally got them! Last Sunday, one of my costumer called me from his brother's pet shop, he told me they received 2 turtles bigger than those normally in the pet shop and he made it for me 60$ for both of them. I took t...Read more

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my half-day off!

I took an half-day off today but I am a lazy to describe how was my day so I only create an album to resume, sorry I am so tired!

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old memory

I bought the HK serie "the last breakthrough" Khmer dubbed for a long time but I have never took the time to watch it seriously because everytime I watch the serie I have work to do so I always stopped it. I remember the first time I watched  it was on tudou.com, cantonese version with chinese subtitles so I didn't completly the serie. But now as it's dubbed in Khmer I understand better the serie. There is a scene  that makes me remember myself, it was the scene where Nick Cheung got appendicitis. He held Sonija to keep him compa...Read more

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Hello guys!                I LOST MY VOICE!! I have throat pain since Monday, as I'm used to it so didn't go to see doctor. I though that I'll be o.k. after taking the syrup for few days, certainly it's my mom gave me her virus! :( The baddest thing is that yesterday the June 24th was the St-Jean-Baptiste Day (The National Holiday of Quebec), it was a very busy day, a lot of peoples came to buy drinks, I talked without stop that day and at the evening I lost my voice. Fortunately my mother was there with me, she called my brothe...Read more

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Hi! Nice to meet all of you and welcome to my blog. No matter you are a woman or man, the country you're from, hetero or homosexual, you can be my friend becaus

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