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  • amikomizuno
    Official artist 
    Thursday, Jun 27, 2013 5:49PM [Report]
    Love to. Thanks.
  • henryleonghw
    Friday, Apr 5, 2013 2:46PM [Report]
  • patricepoujol
    Official artist 
    Tuesday, Feb 26, 2013 11:06PM [Report]
    谢谢您!现在, 我在英国.蛇年好運!
  • leylaozbek
    Official artist 
    Monday, Dec 31, 2012 4:45AM [Report]
    Thx.I hope you too.
  • terry_glancestt
    Tuesday, Dec 25, 2012 12:57AM [Report]
    Merry Christmas!!! :)
  • mathewblaize
    Official artist 
    Friday, Dec 14, 2012 1:11AM [Report]
    Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!!
  • stefandelong
    Official artist 
    Monday, Nov 26, 2012 5:07PM [Report]
    Thanks for stopping by ;-)
  • JoJoGun
    Friday, Nov 16, 2012 6:52AM [Report]
    Im fine, hope you are also.
  • kristinalao
    Official artist 
    Thursday, Nov 15, 2012 9:58PM [Report]
    I'm good thank you! How are you?
  • vivianahn
    Official artist 
    Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012 10:54AM [Report]
  • patricepoujol
    Official artist 
    Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012 2:41AM [Report]
    谢谢 :)

    Thanks for visiting

  • floracheung
    Official artist 
    Saturday, Nov 10, 2012 9:34PM [Report]
  • fayeleung
    Official artist 
    Friday, Nov 9, 2012 10:42PM [Report]
  • chiuchiucherry
    Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012 9:54PM [Report]
    你們的協會很有意義,加油!有什麼要幫忙我盡力而為。可以發E mail給我。

    [email protected]

  • SkeLo
    Thursday, Oct 18, 2012 12:21PM [Report]
    Thanks for the bday wishes

    Sorry a bit late
  • jishangfang
    Monday, Oct 1, 2012 11:43AM [Report]
  • terry_glancestt
    Sunday, Sep 30, 2012 1:36PM [Report]
    Happy Delayed Birthday!!! :)
  • goodlove2323
    Thursday, Sep 20, 2012 10:33AM [Report]
    我今天看到了你的個人資料,並成為對你感興趣,我想知道您的更多,我希望你能到我的郵箱發送一封電子郵件,這樣我可以給你我的圖片供您知道我是誰。這裡是我的電子郵件地址([email protected]),我相信我們能夠從這裡開始。我等待你的答复我的郵件沒有發送它的網站。
    記住距離或膚色並不重要,但愛的事項配發的生活(([email protected])


    Am Favour,
    i saw your profile today and became interested in you,  i will  like to know you the more, and i want you to send an email to my mail so that i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am. Here is my email address ([email protected]) I believe we can move from here. I am waiting for your reply in my mail don't send it in the site.
    Remember the distance or color does not matter but love matters allot in life  ([email protected])
  • williamngo
    Official artist 
    Tuesday, Aug 7, 2012 5:41PM [Report]
    I star in a music video for pop/dancer singer Jaren who chose me to be her male lead/love interest. Jaren has produced hit singles for five years and, working with Armin van Buuren, has performed to crowds of up to 70,000 and televised to 30 million people in Europe. She is finally releasing her debut dance album and this video is for the first single out of that album, which is already #40 on the U.S. dance album charts on iTunes. It was shot on the Red Epic, a $50,000 camera, by talented DP Avi Cohen who has filmed the likes of Jane Lynch, Juliette Lewis and DMX. Jaren's last video had over a million views on YouTube and this one should be even bigger. With over 287,000 views in 104 days, it's well on it's way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a68p9wWZzXo Choose HD or watch on Vimeo. http://vimeo.com/40979470 Jaren also recorded an acoustic version with the help of Sebastien Lefebvre from A Simple Plan.
  • chiuchiucherry
    Saturday, Jun 23, 2012 12:15PM [Report]
    Thank you, you too!!


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