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I don't normally curse on twitter but WE ARE ALL FUCKED!

over 7 years ago 11 likes  0 comment  9 shares

Well hello there double rainbow! #ireland #doublerainbow

over 7 years ago 401 likes  0 comment  5 shares

@michelemorrow @weitzly OMG yes! Anything at all that's super cool and easy to get your hands on. Thx soooooo much! ???

over 7 years ago 1 like  0 comment  0 shares

@chadwingerd Yooooo!!!! @michelemorrow @weitzly and I are trying to figure out how to teleport myself to #BlizzCon2016.

over 7 years ago 3 likes  0 comment  0 shares

@michelemorrow @weitzly YEEESSSSS! Make me appear!! I'm having serious FOMO right now. Ireland ain't no Blizzcon ?

over 7 years ago 1 like  0 comment  0 shares

@michelemorrow @weitzly I am SO JEALOUS!!!!!

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Saved the silliest for last. Like I said, super duper fun! #gameofthronestour

over 7 years ago 148 likes  0 comment  3 shares

I'm so ready to kick some White walker butt. #archerynotmyforte #notquittingmydayjob #gameofthronestour

over 7 years ago 209 likes  0 comment  1 share

The Winterfell Game of Thrones tour was totally AWESOME! #yeaimanerd #gameofthronestour

over 7 years ago 263 likes  0 comment  12 shares

Ummmmm.....yea.....I think I'll pass.... #colamadeofpeejustaintforme

over 7 years ago 76 likes  0 comment  2 shares


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