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miss u, schumi

watching Formula 1 on TV now. First Formula 1 Grand Prix of this year. winner - Lewis Hamilton.  I began to watch F1 on TV since 1994, but I didn't watch it at all last year becoz Schumi retired. My passion has gone. Though he didn't win his 8th world champion, but his last race was unforgetable! He proved it that he's still the best! I still can remember clearly the first time I saw his shining Ferrari appeared in Shanghai Circuit in 2005, and how excited we were when he overtook Fisichella and Alonso right in front of our eyes i...Read more

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Audiotraffic CD Launch Part 1, 2008.03.08

1. Happy?



2. Better



3. 何超 ( Josie Ho ) & Audiotraffic - 自衛術

...Read more

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Audiotraffic CD Launch Part 2, 2008.03.08

7. TDP



8. Firing Line



9. Warm Sunshine

http://www.youtube.com/...Read more

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Happy Lunar New Year~

I'm going to HK with my family tomorrow, and will stay in HK & Macau for several days. So I won't be able to be online for at least 4 days. If anyone want to find me, or anything interesting happens, pls remember to call me or sms me~~ haha~

Happy Lunar New Year~!!

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My Chemical Romance live in HK, 2008.01.29

To be honest, I was not "that excited" as what I expected before, but there is no doubt it was a great show!!! !!

Luckily or unluckily, my friend and I were in row 2, zone A. yep, we were so close to the stage! but a group of MCR groupies surrounded us, they kept pushing us from 7:30pm till the show was over!! more than that, I can't count how many times they hit my head, kicked my legs and jumped to my feet...Read more

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P.S. 昨天和爺爺奶奶去吃了印尼菜,他們都很喜歡,已經在計劃我爸爸媽媽來之後要再次去吃了!

P.P.S. 週二就是1月29日啦!MCR!小G我來啦~~哈哈哈哈~~

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BLOG: 1月15日

I wrenched my neck last night, and I can barely turn my head now... painful...

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In Beijing Again

and will stay for a week, hohoho~~~~

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Soler - Vivo @ 馬來西亞988電台Soler空中音樂分享會, 2007.12.31

謝謝 Aeprile!!!

引用 Aeprile對歌曲的介紹,原話哦~哈哈“ 在988電台Soler空中音樂分享會錄的。這首歌叫-意大利歌曲,據Soler說這首歌沒有公開演唱過,而他們也隻創作到chorus的部分,所以挺短的。非常獨家哦!”


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you can call me Lisa. XD If you wanna add me as a friend here, try lisamm1027@hotmail.com (also my msn)

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