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getting down to the show business

i went to see travis played last week and two days ago i went to see live 'n' loud because lostprophets and NFG were there... they were bands that i really liked when i was still in high school, especially travis. but i have to say i didn't enjoy them very, very much. not sure if it's the problem of the seat. i was on the side having a little difficulty to view the stage for both of the shows. it's also a bit dangerous to act really wild on the elevated side (see i'm getting old). but i guess it's...Read more

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Procrastination never ends

I'm procrastinating. I've been procrastinating for one and a half month, I'm bored. My old high school friend committed suicide and went to the front page of Apple Daily.  I'm out of cash. I'm not happy. My self-esteem is still very low. I don't have much to do. I need a freaky job. I wanna be happy. I want to be loved.  My cross-stitching project is still unfinished. I need to write. I should read the Christopher Brookmyre on my shelf. I shouldn't play that much video games. The skin on my finger tips a...Read more

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if there's ever an ambivalence contest

i'm sure i'll win. 

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another piece of a writer's failure to avoid abstractness

sometimes it's very hard to accept bygones. people always say, "let it be." they must have listen to too much of that beatles' classic. it's just become another freaky cliche. now when i think of what i have lost for the past few weeks, or what i have been losing for the past three years, i still feel desperate. no aid. no turning back. no chances. worse still, no one to blame except myself. sharon stone has it, it's karma. it's the consequence, my dear. the price for...Read more

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The World Collapses When Orange Nail Polish Is Out of Stock!

people know i adore manicure and i have a thing for orange nail color. it reminds me of what kate winslet says about orange hair dye in the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind--"agent orange."  but it's really hard to find OPAQUE ORANGE nail polish these days (no shimmer, no glitter, uh-uh). i have one which i bought from japan but it's going to be used up soon. i knew there were stores that used to stock this amazing color. when i want to buy it, they just don't have it. w...Read more

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The Weather for the Rest of the Week Is Shite When You Decide to Hit the Beach

Highs: Being able to get to my part-time job at 7:29am this morning... and still working! Had the chance to read the article on bags "unzipped" by my favorite writer/best friend Winnie Chau on HK-- http://www.hk-magazine.com/feature/bagging-rights (featuring the holy mighty Douglas Young, MC Yan and... her own grandma!)

Lows: Wrong shoes. Chipped nail. Wrong delivery from PCC (I want...Read more

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Panda (Excapist Style)


So i got this clip from my sister. It's supposed to be a panda trying to escape during the Sichuan earthquake. Sis said it looked lame. But I say, it's the cutest. 

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So they say it's for the best

moving on.

growing up.

i never excel. 


they never end.               

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Am Busy Being Not Myself

Am playing Sims 2 intensively and stuffing my face with unhealthy yet pleasing snacks. As a result, pimple and weight problems persist. Recent addiction: sushi restaurants that have those tracks "transporting" sushi around the room (obviously i don't know how to call that.) I went to two of those last week and I wanna go today... evil 

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Wowo on the 20th Floor

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