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TAFISA world games

Unfortunately I didn't get a wildcard for the Olympic Wushu Tournament in the end  So I had to move on and continue my clinical internships, currently I'm doing surgery in Leiden.

In three weeks I will have three weeks off, so I can train more for the TAFISA world games tournament end of September.

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Back from training in the USA

I just came back from America, it was my first time to The States, it was great! I visited some relatives and friends, but spent most time training. This is what coach Joe write about me on his website: http://www.defrancostraining.com/askjoe/askjoe.htm

DeFranco’s welcomes Ling Oei to the USA!

Below you will see a video of Ling Oei from the Netherlands Wushu Team performing her routine at the 2006 Europea...Read more

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Qualified for Olympic Wushu tournament 2008!!!

This week I got a phone call from The Netherlands Martial Arts Federation: I got invited to participate at the Olympic Wushu Tournament 2008!!!

I haven't been on AND for a while, since I was very busy with my  internships at Leiden University Medical Centre. I really like working there, I finished dermatology and started ophtalmology  last week. I'm pretty confident I'll become a good doctor

I started training more hard than usual of cours...Read more

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December 25, 2007