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TAFISA world games

Unfortunately I didn't get a wildcard for the Olympic Wushu Tournament in the end  So I had to move on and continue my clinical internships, currently I'm doing surgery in Leiden.

In three weeks I will have three weeks off, so I can train more for the TAFISA world games tournament end of September.

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Back from training in the USA

I just came back from America, it was my first time to The States, it was great! I visited some relatives and friends, but spent most time training. This is what coach Joe write about me on his website:

DeFranco’s welcomes Ling Oei to the USA!

Below you will see a video of Ling Oei from the Netherlands Wushu Team performing her routine at the 2006 European Championships. She took home a bronze medal during this competition.

Ling made her first-ever trip to the USA last week for the sole purpose of training with us and learning some new concepts to incorporate into her strength & conditioning program. More specifically, Ling wanted to learn more about improving her explosive strength and conditioning. When we asked Ling why she came all the way to the US, she replied, “Because I wanted to learn from the best in the world.”

We were honored that Ling chose us to help her get to the next level and we are confident that she will be bringing home a Gold Medal soon!

Below you will see a video of Ling performing her first-ever ‘barbell complex’ at the end of one of her training sessions. Ling will be incorporating 80-second barbell complexes at the end of her strength workouts to help improve – and add variety – to her conditioning. (The barbell complexes that we prescribed take approximately 80-seconds to complete because that’s how long Ling’s Wushu routines last. The barbell complex below consists of 7 exercises performed for 6 reps each – deadlifts, RDL’s, bent-over rows, hang cleans, front squats, push presses, back squats)

The barbell complex was just one of many exercises/techniques that Ling learned during her 2-week stay with us. She was a phenomenal “student” (she speaks four languages) and picked everything up extremely quickly. I can’t say enough good things about Ling…it takes a very special person to travel to a foreign country where she didn’t know anyone, she had no transportation, and she had no idea what to expect. Yet, she showed up at one of the most intimidating, meathead-filled gyms on earth with the sole purpose of becoming the best in the world at something ! A lot of athletes can learn a great deal from Ling’s dedication, guts and perseverance.

We wish her the best of luck and we are proud to have her as part of our TEAM!

Joe D.

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Qualified for Olympic Wushu tournament 2008!!!

This week I got a phone call from The Netherlands Martial Arts Federation: I got invited to participate at the Olympic Wushu Tournament 2008!!!

I haven't been on AND for a while, since I was very busy with my  internships at Leiden University Medical Centre. I really like working there, I finished dermatology and started ophtalmology  last week. I'm pretty confident I'll become a good doctor

I started training more hard than usual of course, and I will try to get a break from my medical internships to prepare for the event, I really hope that's possible...

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