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Blog: Thursday, Apr 29

OMG!!! I just realised that I've desserted this blog for more than 1 months. So sorry abt not updating here for so long. Firstly a bit busy as school has started, and now had quite a lot things to do. LOL... Recently also a bit lazy... Haiz... Lot of things coming up, think I really need to warm up myself so that I can take on those things that will be coming up. Hope that I'll be able to update here often.

I shall "advertise" other website where u can see my update

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Blog: Saturday, Mar 6

Waa.... It's 6 March today... Haiz... Time passes so fast... Ok, well, today I shall update the event on the departure.

Went to Eunos to meet up with Jeslin and then went to pick up Sherlyn at pasir ris. From there we went to airport to sent Jessica Hsuan and Bobby. When we reached the airport, we went to have our breakfast before meeting the Jessica, Hannah, Grace and the others.

When we were waiting for them, all of us was chatting there. Hahaha... So fun. Haha... I think I shall not post up the things happened dur...Read more

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Blog: Wednesday, Jan 6

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Fan fiction

This is a short fan fic (I'm sorry if I made it too long). The pairing is Charray. Hope you guys will like it.


Cast: Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Sammul Chan, Mary Hon

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Raymond walk towards Charmaine, who were looking outside the window at the snow, and he hugged her from the back.

“What are you looking at?” Raymond asked although he knew what Charmaine was looking at.

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Random post

Recently have been reading abt Fung's old news. And some is abt his criteria for choosing his another half. Hmm... Seriously, I think that his criteria for another half had never drop, and he still dare to say that now he alr dun have any criteria. Well... This is wat he said 2 years ago:







     我沒時間陪她造成心裡有多不願意,...Read more

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SHISEIDO function --- Rehearsal and Live

The following video is the SHISEIDO function where Fung attended. The young girl is so CUTE!!!





Credit: duck egg



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Blog: Monday, Nov 30

Arh!!! Just now went to watch 谈情说案 presentstion clip, my goodness!!! Fung VERY HANDSOME!!! He's seriously super CHARMING!!! Kingsley!!! I seriously can't resist it, he really very handsome. Shuai, shuai, and SHUAI!!!

I shall post the video abt the clip:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHHlh5ZBF2k&feature=player_embedded

Credit: RL.org

Video made by: Yuki

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Prom pictures (2)

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Prom night @ Orchard Hotel

Today is the prom night for my school. I shall not post much but post pictures. Well, this is only part of it, more will be up.

P/S: One of my Jie was missing from the picture, which is Ting Hui. Shall update again.

Tze Hsin, Me and Amanda :)

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Linda's Songs

Shall post abt Linda's thing here. There's something wrong with blogger and I can't seems to copy and paste lyrics over there. But nvm.

OMG!!! I love Linda's new album man. Have been listening to it everyday. Seriously this album really gave me a brand new feel. For soothing songs, I like 日夜想你, 明争暗斗, and 暗示. For those R&B/ fast tempo songs, of course I like Fly Me To The Moon, and Cha Cha Cha. I really like the feel of 日夜想你, 明争暗斗, and 暗示. It's realy really nice. You'll fall in love with it at the very fir...Read more

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