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Crowds flock in to try of the new WiFi password hacker

All the ISPs could hear the sound of inevitability now as the release date of the wifi password hacker just got confirmed. The insane theory of the ISPs that they can churn out profits for years to come took an initial hit after the inception of OTT services. The hit will be further aggravated by the WiFi password hacker application as this one is going to send the big shot ISPs to graveyard. From a business perspective, it is a tough break. Sure!! But this wifi password hack application can be considered a major advancement in the technological stream aiding humanity at its best. The prediction of extinction of services of ISPs is more of an instinct thing as the evidential bases for the same is missing. If you are really a citizen of technology, you should be having a firm grasp on the quashing of the ISP services by the WiFi password hacker application. The budget for marketing of thewifihacker application has been scraped to a great extent and more focus is still on the R&D of the tool which epitomizes the answer to how to hack WiFi password. The company, Finoxy solutions, which developed the application stays so far ahead in the materialization of the concept of WiFi hacking that only they could see the possibility of such an application. Robert K Temme, the founder of Finoxy Solutions, mooted the idea of ethically hacking WiFi for people’s good which, though initially sounded like a stupid statement, now makes more headlines than anything in all the famous technology forums and blogs that you know of. The WiFi password hacker application doesn’t confine its scope to just the native english speaking countries but internationalizes the application so that even the third world countries will have an access to unlimited free data that is available but hidden from normal people. Don’t lose your grasp or misunderstand on what it is to hack WiFi password of a neighbour’s network as it isn’t unethical. This WiFi password hacker application just collect the data leftovers and makes an exotic art out of it, which will be admired by everyone using it. Right now, this WiFi hack application is being distributed without you having to pay for it but the ISPs can bring its ugly face of political intervention into picture and make a backroom deal which will put an exorbitant price tag on the WiFi password hacker application and makes it available only for the priveleged who ironically, wouldn’t be requiring the application. 4653 downloads has been recorded on the official website for the beta version of the WiFi password hacker in just a day and to give a ballpark figure, dismissing the possibility of political interventions, atleast a million downloads is expected on the first five days right after the WiFi password hacker hits the market. The predicaments these ISPs have put themselves into are really pitiful as they are caught off-guard by a series of events including the OTT content providers reluctance to play by the rules of the ISPs and finally the release of the WiFi password hacker. 

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