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I find it difficult to be transparent with fans, if I reveal too much the mystery is gone and fans may no longer be interested...if I don't reveal enough I dont leave them wanting more. But simply in my case, I just don't update ever and you have all forgotten me.I have never been good at interacting with my fans, I rarely respond to comments, emails, messages, or requests for autographs unless its for a good cause, kids, or military. I guess thats why my website  http://linaso.com has died down so much from when I first started it in 1997. I had quite a following back in the day but I just stopped caring because there were soo many haters. Its exhausting trying to fight them off or defend myself. I just focused more on work and personal life. Now I guess I am pursuing more of the acting,  so it's important to upkeep and network with fans and friends interested in entertainment. I just find it difficult because I am a private person, I like my privacy and I like doing things my own way. I can't ever imagine losing that privacy and people meddling into my life, but in reality I have nothing to hide and I happen to be a very open, social, and outgoing creature who tends to wear my feelings and emotions on my sleeve for the world to see and experience. So I'll embrace it.I guess there is also a large discrepancy between talking to me in person and reading my rambles via internet. I think everyone has the worst first impressions of me! I've heard it many times before. People have preconceived notions of who I am because I am an actress, that im some self absorbed high maintenance girl who cares nothing more than the spotlight, money, and fame. But in reality I am quite opposite of that, I prefer taco trucks over Mortons, and I rarely ever buy name brand clothing or shop for that matter, and I love giving and loving on people. Don't get me wrong I do like having some attention from people I value, but from strangers or from everyone its a little scary and awkward. From the people I love it means so much more, because they know who I am vs. strangers who only get a little taste from what the see or presume from things I write or work Ive done. I think I invest more into people than in anything else, that is why I have incredible friendships in life and to me that is most important. I was once told relationships and health are the two things that will affect you the MOST whether negative or positive. Money, fame, fortune, ambitions, status all go out the door and have no meaning without someone to share it with or if you are sick in body. There is just no way to enjoy life without great friendships, relationship with God, family, and a healthy body.So overall life is great, God has blessed me beyond measure and has provided all my needs. I am still finishing up business school, its grueling! I've been training in Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts) I also just signed with a new commercial agent and interviewed with a new hosting agent, so hopefully things will pick up soon...although summer is usually dead I am hoping for a miracle! I hate being stagnant, its makes me stir crazy if I am not working! And work has been quite slow as of late, its sort of depressing and quite demoralizing. I had a callback and meeting with producers for Heroes didnt book it which I feel is sometimes worse than not getting called back at all! Its such a damn tease! At least I am competing with the blondes and not just Asian girls. I have so many opportunities that many people will never have so I am grateful for even blessed to have incredible agents and managers who are working hard for me, but I just want to work people! Give me a job =)I have been auditioning like crazy the last few months, bones, leverage, abc pilots, nbc pilots, 90210, Ashton Kutcher movie, and a bunch others where I get to 2nd callbacks even 3rd and not book so its quite demoralizing to say the least. I also auditioned and got called back twice for another Adam Sandler movie as a fob nanny, but who am I kidding? It got down to five of us and I know the girl that booked it is probably the the one I saw who is the epitome of fobby nanny straight from China w/her highwater pants, overalls, and toothpick comb lol* When I saw her, i said thats her! And from what I have learned from Roger Fan, studios and producers want to book people that dont have to act! When you walk in the door they know whether you are it or not. If you aren't it they will give you an opportunity if they like you or know you (thats why I always get the callbacks) but in reality I don't look or fit the part!Hmm I also have to know my "category" I was hoping I could be on a show like "The Office"  or nerdy characters, but apparently on first impression, I exude sex so I should stick to the mean sex pot or even assassin type roles ie...Lucy Liu. I hate being type casted into a category but Hollywood has their minds made up. Its nearly impossible to change their minds so I must accept it and embrace it for what it is. Look for me in the next sexy assassin movie lol*i'll keep you posted. Also I am producing a movie starring Vivica Fox, Tiny Lister, and Christa Campbell. We are looking for one more investor, if you are interested drop me an email linaso@linaso.com or if you just want to offer me a lead in a movie, a nerdy television show, or just tell me you hate me.

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"Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And from the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was often filled with your tears." - Kahlil Gibran

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