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 Profiles of  Movers and Shakers - By Ray Lam  http://www.aarising.com/aprofiler/linaso.htm Lina SoThis A-Profiler we bring you Lina So, a multi-talented artist and model who believes she was born to entertain. Find out how So keeps in shape, her thoughts on Asians in and film and music, and what her guilty pleasures are.**** Your site URL: www.linaso.com www.myspace.com/linaso www.alivenotdead.com/linaso www.myspace.com/linasomusicIf you weren't singing and acting what would you be doing? I would have probably been a non-profit lawyer or working with children. I can't really imagine not doing what I love though, I was born to entertain.Lina SoWhat word in Chinese best describes you and can you include the English translation. (jen chie) perseveranceI noticed on your website you said you wanted to have 4 total children (2 of your own, 2 adopted). Do you already have names and do you have a preference on sex? 2 boys 2 girls would be ideal. I want to open an orphanage in China and build awareness. I have thought of a few names, for a boy Nathaniel or Zechariah and a girl Brianna or Jocelyn.What's the corniest thing a guy has done to catch your attention? I've heard every pickup line under the sun. I like a confident man who can come up to me and simply introduce himself and tell me something witty or funny.From looking at your pictures it looks like you keep in excellent shape. Do you live by a specific work out and eating routine? I eat every 2-3 hours and it's usually anything I want, but in small portions. I hate running, but cardio is very important. I run the stairs in Santa Monica, they are pretty brutal. I also love to dance, swim, do elliptical, and weights.What came first to you singing or acting? Are you a better singer or actress? I actually started singing first, I sang in choir and for school performances. I then started modeling which then led me to acting. I feel that I am an overall entertainer and I love both equally.When did you realize you wanted to entertain people? I've been a ham since I was a baby and I've always gone out of my way I to make people laugh. It's in my nature to do or say goofy things to get a reaction.Who's the one musical person you want to work with? I would love to collaborate with Boys II Men, Pharrell, Jay Z.Who's the one actor you want to share the screen with? Al Pacino.Do you consider yourself a workaholic? What do you do to unwind? When I am working I get into a zone, but I also take the time to unwind daily. I love to eat, read, watch movies, karaoke, dance, and vegg out in front of the tv.What's one of your guilty pleasures? There are so many but of course they are foods! Chocolate Cake, French Fries, and Potato Chips. Yummy.What's the one dish you always have to order when you eat Chinese food? Beef chow fun, garlic lobster, and garlic spinach or chinese broccoli.If you could change one thing about yourself what would that be? I wish I was more disciplined some times, I get lazy I'm only human but I really admire those who can study till the wee hours of the morning and consistently focus all their energies into one thing. I think I tend to spread my attention to too many things at once and often feel scattered.Lina SoHow do you feel Asians are represented in music and film? Asians are definitely earning more respect and taking on larger supporting and even lead roles which was unheard of even 10 years ago. An asian musician on MTV still is difficult to accept for America but I believe in the next 5 years, Asians will be mainstream in all facets of media including politically as well as in entertainment. Notice even in commercials they are catering to us because we are such a huge part of the population. Although, there will always be type casting, I personally love to step back and fight for roles that weren't mean for Asians. My role for Zohan was originally for a Caucasian woman. I also got a callback for   and was up against a bunch of blondes. Although they often beat us out, I love that we are competing for the same role because any role is well deserving of an Asian actor, we can play it the same if not better. I am very proud to be Asian, especially in the entertainment industry.Do you miss China? How often do you visit the motherland? I went back last year, but didn't go back to Ghaungzhou or Hong Kong where I am from. I was there for school so I went to Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Urimqui, and a few other cities to explore China and their business opportunities We also had time to see the Great Wall which is over 4000 miles long. I also saw the Terra Cotta Army, it was absolutely incredible to see what the Chinese did, breathtaking and almost unfathomable. There are over 8000 warriors, chariots and horses and they all look different. The faces of the soldiers are modeled after the real soldiers in their time. It's spectacular, everyone should see it, it's rumored as the new 8th wonder.Do you prefer dogs, cats or other? I love all animals, I've had every animal as a pet. I had 5 dogs when I was younger and I absolutely love dogs but with a busy schedule I could only have a cat. Cats are independent. They crave attention food love and independence as like most women but dont need attention all the time and leaving them when I have to work is ok whereas dogs require a 100% and are almost like babies in that sense. My dream dog would be a chocolate lab with huge paws or an Alaskan Husky.What are you asking Santa for Christmas? Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Laughter beyond measure for all my friends and family.How would you describe your culinary skills in your kitchen? My dads a chef, so he's taught me well. I can make anything and love to experiment. We are working on his Chinese cook book with all the secret recipes to my favorite dishes!Thanks for taking time out to do this interview; do you have anything you want to say to your fans? Yes, thank you for all the support throughout the years. MY site has been around since 1997 and I have had the most loyal ongoing fans who have watched me climb and grow. I appreciate each and every single person who supports the cause and look forward to chasing my dream for years to come! I love you.Lina So 

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"Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And from the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was often filled with your tears." - Kahlil Gibran

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