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Moving over to Gong Wu's blog permanently.

With our band growing ever closer to unity. I've decided that from now on I'll be putting personal blogs onto our main band website www.alivenotdead.com/gongwu Expect after tonight to start seeing lot's of interaction from not just me, but the other guys in the band too. Lawrence did a crazy tour of japan sessioning for jazz guys last month and loads of huge cantopop arena work with some cool (and not so cool) artists, Gavin frequently ...Read more

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Guys please vote for Gong Wu!!!

Guys as you know there's an awesome opportunity for one lucky band to play with Linkin Park next month in Macau! Please go to www.alivenotdead.com/linkinparkcontest and cast your vote for GONG WU!!!Allow us the chance to show these people what Hong Kong can really do!We want to get up on stage with those guys and DESTROYYYYY!!!!We don't want applause, we want LIMBS on stage!!It's such a small competition every single vo...Read more

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RIP David Carradine

Wow such a shock last night to hear about his death.. One of the great legends of martial arts and entertainment gone but never forgotten.

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New track comments

Had a breakthrough a few days ago and managed to arrange and lay down another entire new song. Possibly the hardest track I've ever written. And I mean hard as in hard to play. The Bass groove is off time all the way through the song, but with a solid drumbeat eventually slips back into time. Took me about 4 hours to work out how to play the key riff to fit into the beat but eventually it came together! the guitar part is even harder, imagine Nuno Bettencourt mixed with Jane's Addiction and you got the right idea. Totally accident ...Read more

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OK guys more news on my band's main website www.alivenotdead.com/gongwu but I thought I'd talk more about the song here. Your Victim was a song I sat and wrote whilst being lectured by our old manager way back about a year ago. I found the key riff for the song by pure accident (as always) just widdling away bored and being told off about something or other.However the two riffs at the beginning were catchy as hell and really hit our sound on the head.The song( u...Read more

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So much to talk about!

Firstly thanks to everyone who turned up to the Gong Wu show last night. It was such a kickass show. really great vibe and we loved playing for the crowd! Secondly I've been running around like crazy this week doing various jobs over HK. I had an interesting if not painful experience making a catwalk video for Diesel and Zara on Thursday.Walking backwards and forwards all day was great fun for about 1 hour, but got kinda tedious as the 10th hour drew close! uurgh.. But the guys I worked with were great fun and we were pretty much l...Read more

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Sleep Paralysis

I get this pretty much weekly and I still remember the first time it happened when I was 19. Happened ever since and everything this guy is explaining I have had.Even though now I believe it's just normal, it's still truly terrifying every time I get it.Especially the grim reapers that often sit next time me.some fucked up shit.any of you guys get this stuff? supposedly not so uncommon??Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDpA0MJx780

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So I just had one of the most awesome weekends thus far!

Me and my crew (comprising of fellow AnD dude Darren Scott, Gong Wu drummer Lawrence) and a few other lads went on a lads weekend to Zhu Hai!

Last night we race Go Karts around a crazyass track!

Me and my friend Pierce got badly hurt as the karts we're pretty fast on such a tight circuit!

I got the worst whiplash ever as some dude plowed straight into me. 

I got stuck on a corner and in the one instant I looked over he smacked me right in the ...Read more

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My Cup of Tea - Theresa Fu

Ok people who know me by know me by now know I suck at blogs and picture taking.  One of my drummers students recognized me today at Law's practice room and kindly directed me to a couple of pictures on the internet that made me smile.I've just finished filming a short film with former Cookies front girl: Theresa Fu for her upcoming album that I believe is called "Before my Dearest"I had an awesome time working with her and the film crew over the last couple of weeks.We shot the film in and around the Marco Polo H...Read more

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My Hope for Hong Kong Music

OK Guys this is gonna get a little heated here, I might piss some people off, in fact I know I probably will. But this is how I feel.All I ever hear is how there is no market in Hong Kong for rock, there is no alternative scene, there is no way of making money in music, there is no way of making hong kong love rock. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah..I personally confidently believe that this is a pile of shit.I know me and my band aint mega stars, we're barely even known by our friends let alone hong kong people, and maybe I...Read more

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