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Blog: Thursday, Nov 8

Came back from 1 week already time pass very fast... trying to recalled back wat i did on 29th oct to 31st when i am alone in taiwan... well

on29th afternoon after i sent my friend off taking 3pm bus.. i went to taipei station there to walk walk but inside my heart i keep thinking abt vanness was thinking whr is vanness n will he be leaving taiwan to another place  haha so i sms my taiwan friend but she dun have any news at all so in the end i dun have anywhr to go end up i went to Read more

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back to work

After 10days of rest... today must get back to work.. Really dun have the mood to work...i feel so restless n lazy.... I think when i get back to work sure got lot of lot of thing to do Anyway still  must work even if i not willing haha.... Must save alot of money for my taiwan trip next yr F4'S ALBUM n Vanness's album.....

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Back to singapore

Taiwan trip from 25th oct to 31st oct... Y itzit happy moment always pass so fast... Well whenever i got to take leAve n c him i got to work n work n work... 2 days before i go taiwan i must work 2 full shift which is 8am to 12am so i totally dun have the time to pack my luggage at all   n prepare the photo album which i wan to give vanness, ( photo which i took vanness for passed 6yrs)



Oue flight to taiwan is 1pm jet star3K521 wake up at 8am to pack my luggage then check my email then i found ou...Read more

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in tao yuan airport

After 7days in taiwan fianally today must go back to singapore... :( Miss taiwan miss VANNESS

OMG my luggage overload by 3kg end up have to take some item out to hand carry.. :(

Hope to c VANNESS n ALL VANNESS fans soon... Very very happy  for the pass few days...well gtg now.........

Once i go back will upload my photo tmr heehee cos i off till monday then start work so got alot of spare time heehee...

Bye bye :P



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Hahahahaa well i think everybody must be sleepling rite now. . the time now in taipei is 3.30am ... guess wat vanness update his blog again.... so hardwroking rite? Well i am also very tired  now rushing here n there today but i really very very happy to c VANNESS n all vanness fans today....

After the gathering 1 group of vanness fans went for dinner at a korean resturant highly recommend by VANNESS hahahaha...Read more

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lost something

OMG i lost something which is very impt during work...  i lost a donation booklet which company asked us to ask customer to donate... Argh i remembered putting back inside the cashier drawer but now is gone,, hais hope nothing will happen if not i will be in trouble man................

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Really very tired after working full shift yesterday.. although today is my off but i felt very restless cos i really very tired so also dunno wat to do..  I got lot of thing to do at my work place so i went down to finished wat i suppose to do...................... actually there is alot of thing waiting for me to do but i just too tired n lazy to do hais.................


My camera is spoilt so i was thinking whether to buy 1 so i can use it whe...Read more

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Today is my 2nd week in my new outlet...still haven really get used to the new place esp the staff over there wow they r damm FCING slow n lazy wat am i going to do to stop all this... n my boss expect me to train all the staff by 1 week n after tat she is taking for 2week leave whereby i only been there for 2week... shit man somemore is our muslim fasting mth nite will be damm busy lor.... Y am i so unlucky i just wan to run a smooth shift without any complain...... N after tat my chinese coll is gg ...Read more

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Hope everybody i know is happy everyday

18th sept is my last day in centrepoint pizza hut.. i have been working there for many many yrs as a staff hmm from 1st july 1998 to dec 2002 then 2003 jan to 2005may as a staff in suntec after been promoted n my first outlet i went back to cp again until now haiz dunno y feel abit sad lor cos no matter wat i have been working there for so long n also i hope the place close faster cos i think i really suffer alot over there esp when that idoit come in... n got alot of time i cant take it n waana resign i also dunno y e...Read more

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change or not to change

Dunno y every nite i will think of him? am i too obessed over him.. in fact i think i am n i admit cos actually i dun have to buy a computer but bcos of him i bought myself a new laptop so tat i can update myself everyday on his news n actually i am a computer idoit bcos of him i have to learn in order to improve myself...

ACTUALLY i really sick n tired in my work le i wish to change a new job but i scared cos i stayed in this job for so long n also since i work in pizza hut everytime if i wanna go c VANNESS or F4 i can said i...Read more

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