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Last day of feb n somemore is 29/02 which come 4yrs 1 time so must be very special day  to those which born in 29th feb... i realised over e yrs supporting the 4 guys been buying lots of their thing until i dun have space to put anymore..  yesterday is my off so i took out everything inside the cupboard haha so dusty so i have to wipe all the pepsi bottle n disc etc n rearrange everything again n guess wat it took me more than 4hrs to finished cleaning n arrange everything haha.. guess i have to tell myself i can't buy anymore i have to stop n...Read more

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Happy Chinese New Year


 Just poping by to wish all my friends & F4  a very Happy Chinese New Year... Happy Always n May All Your Dream Come True.... you know?

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go home

 after spending 10days in taiwan... is time to go back already hahahaah... hmm maybe might be gg back to taiwan soon cos to c 1 of them? hahahaha.. waiting to board plane now.. bye bye

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I am going to Taiwan from 18th to 28th jan 2008

HAHA another  2 more week i will be going to taiwan. i am so excited now first is bcos we just sent zai zai off today cos he come here to promote his new movie haha hope he remember me hahaha.. 2nd is vanness came here secretly but i dunno but anyway hope he really enjoy his stay in singapore lol...

There will be 6 of us from singapore going to taiwan tosupport them hahaah.. hope they see us espically zai zai n vanness keke... so excited now looking forward to their concert n also meeting them on the st...Read more

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Merry Christmas n A Happy New Year

  Hi To all my Dear friends in AND


Thanks  for all the christmas greeting.

wish everyone Merry Christmas n a Happy New Year 

   Because i came back from KL on monday morning but  spending whole day chasing zai zai n yesterday morning went to hotel to wait for him n go airport with him.  after sending him off got to rush to work so now i am super tired chasing him from 22nd to 25th but very happy n fun... unable to reply all of u message. sorry for that.

Wish to meet All F4 fans in T...Read more

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taiwan here i come

finally the news is out.. very happy finally after 5yrs their album is out.., abit touched but also very happy for them.. we r F4 fans for so long.. we c them grow n improved so much for the pass few yrs. really hope all F4 fans can come out n support them together ok.. is time to get up haha.. JIA YOU F4 n  hope to c all my friends soon in TAIWAN....

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going to taiwan

 anyone gg to taiwan when F4 album is out.. hais so when is the actual date that their album is out.. need to know in order to plan my leave but y they keep changing the date... sian

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zai zai is coming to singapore on 24th dec

Hais saw from today paper... MR ZHOU   is coming here on 24th dec.. aiya then how am i gg to tell my boss i wan to off on this day... eh i dun dare cos 24th is a busy day... OMG zai zai ah y u choose to come here in this special day... I always took leave to c them always no problem haha but now is 24th dec hmm abit hard to take wor hmm so must be thick skin n ask again liao if cant then i need to try my last resort hahaa... hope can go support zai zai cos he very long nv...Read more

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nasty customer at work

 Customer is always right do u agree with tat? no i dun agree even though i am working in a FNB.. because some customer is just trying to catch attention trying to get discount or maybe even worst to get free meal ya... last nite got this customer which is very rude... hmm if i not wrong they r not from singapore.. they were talking in chinese they ordered 8pc chicken wing from my staff.. but actually they wan drumlet.. for us we got sweet n spicy drums n honey roasted wings c is 2 different ...Read more

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never ever lend money to friends even though is ur best friend

i'm so disappoinated with my friend who i know her for 9yrs.. y itzit money is always the cause of all the problem.. i always helped ppl when they r in need then now when i ask back the money from her.. she is avoiding me now hais i dunno wat to do.. all my money is my hardearned money.. i need the money to go c my king but yet my best friend she do this do me.. and worst still get to know from my friend she got a new car now.. Y Y Y she doing this do me.. is not a small sum of $$$ i really v...Read more

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