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Day Dreamer Book & In Between album


Just received my in Between CD last wed20/8, followed by thurs 21/8 friend sms me n tell me the books had also arrived and meet on sat to collect but i am working so i decided to meet her on today to collect it bcos i really cant wait to read the book. Hee... if not i have to wait until next week haha.. On my way back home i read the book, he really put in alot of effort in his work n everything.... So many of his friends n buddy wrote so many good n funny comment abt him, heehee well im going to continue to ...Read more

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Super Long Weekend

Had been working no stop since last wednesday, sat n sun working from 8am to 12am n monday from 4pm to 2am because have to stayed back to write a report so now i am super tired . Last night received a sms from michi... additional concert on 19th oct..... OMG i am really going to Faints. Travel to Japan n stay there from 2nd  to 20th. 18days in japan.. I never even stay in taiwan for so many days before, the longest i stayed in taiwan is only 14days hahahaah Read more

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Am i right or wrong

BGR at work... so wat do u think of this topic?

  I personally dun like this to happen in my restaurant..  yes when a couple they just started falling in love with each other n very loving,when both of them are working guy tend to help the gal always n always smiling n maybe service will be much better.. But i hate when they quarrel then confirm they will have no mood to work  and also if all couple want to go out then who is going to work..

Now my outlet dunno from when start got more than 3 couple lor and 1 of the couple...Read more

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Happy Birthday My King Vanness

Today 7th august is my super idol Vanness Wu bday. His 30th bday hahaha.. I have been supporting him for many many yrs..The first time i see him is hmm, wait let me recall haaha is 2001 2nd nov. He came with F3 to singapore to promote LXY album. And that was the first time i c Vanness but is from far because i nvr join in the Q to shake hand with them and that was the thing i regret till now after that whenever they come i will go n see the...Read more

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i wan to go taiwan

Hai i really wish to go taiwan to supprt Mr V,  I duuno but i really wish to go taiwan not to play or have fun is just to support V. BUT I DUN HAVE ANY EXCUSE TO GIVE MY PARENT ANYMORE. i already told my mum i gg to japan in oct so wat am i going to say to her if i wan to go taiwan in aug... OMG can anyone tell me what i should do..  the last time i see him is F4 album stamping session in jan... i really miss him, His new album new book

I know many of my friends is gg there to support h...Read more

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Monday 21st july 71days to go

 Was not feeling well for the passed 3 days.. I had a very bad sore throat, blocked nose, coughing n a slight fever but guess when i am.. I am working, yes i still have to drag myself to work. Omg my throat is still very pain after i ate something which i not suppose to eat last night  Hmm guess i must have eaten too much Durian on thur night.  

this weekend business is very good, any idea wat is hapening haaha.. We are getting more n...Read more

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july4th V's Album aug16th V's new book F4 concert oct

Tomorrow 4th july is V.dubb 3rd album coming out but this time i wun be able to go taiwan to support him, athough i very much wanted to go but i cant go this time.. I'm so sorry Vann, 2nd is his new book coming out in aug 16th n there will be a autograph session for his book but none of my friend can make it this time. Main reason is of course $$$ issuse, how i wish i can go all of his event but is really impossible lor as i need to save up a big sum of money for japan trip. 17days in japan 6 ...Read more

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6 Concert in Japan 17days in japan

 I really dunno what to say when i saw the news this morning, although we know there will be additional concert but y thedays not between 9th to 16th june? I gg to faint soon.. now the problem is not only money problem is also leave problem hais...

OMG 17days in japan..

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How i wish money can drop from sky

F4 Concert in Japan is confirmed n i will be going to all the 3 concert. the last concert  i went to c them is 2006march25 heehee.. n of course that is a very unforgetable want bcos we were in the first row hahah.. hope this time we got the luck to get good seat.. :)

V Mini concert is cancelled, Is that a good news or bad news.. To me is a bad cos i already ask my boss for leave n also looking forward to go hk but on the other hand i no need to find excuse to my parent again heehee and i can save more $$$ to japan h...Read more

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F4 Concert in Japan

Omg omg f4 concert in japan... yeah of course i wan to go but how i wish money can drop from the sky.. cos i think i gg to broke soon if i keep spending my $$$$ to c them but no choice i just love to c them so much i love to c F4 preform together.. after hk 06 concert been waiting so long for their concert finally they r here again but y japan not tw or hk... JAPAN here i come...

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