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New Hp n New Camera

HoHoHo.... I JUST bought a new camera today again heehee... n before i go japan i buy a new Hp also... i am very happy bcos i used the hp to rec all 7 concert audio heehee n now i can used my new camera to take pics... Yeah the most expensive present i buy for myself hahaha...


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As usual.......

Oh.... 50 days after i am back from Japan,Times flies so fast. Have been very busy lately with my work but i still miss them as usual but this time i dun have the time n fate to meet Jerry. he has a fans gathering on 20th dec in HK. I cant make it this time again argh... nvr been to any jerry fans gathering b4always clash with other things.. i rally feel like gg but i know i wil spent at least 1k plus 3days leave, i choose to give up again bcos 1st i know sure alot of jerry fans n they r so scary sh...Read more

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Fav Jap n Korean song from Vanness

 Was awake by a call this morning at7am and i cant get back to sleep so decided to on my taptop to surf net...


And i found this, i love it so much :p







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2008 Miss Asia Pageant Grand Final

【Voting Method】2008 Miss Asia Pageant Grand Final

【2008 Miss Asia Pageant Grand Final】unfolds a milestone that, this year we do not set the panel of judges. The champion, the 1st runner-up and the 2nd runner-up will be elected by the audiences across the globe.

Voting Date and Time 15 Nov (Sat) 24:00 (launching at midnight) to 7 Dec (Sun) 22:30

Voting Method Each person can cast one vote for one delegate.

SMS Voting Method: Hong Kong: Input delegates’ numbers (01 to 20) to 508507 (Charge les...Read more

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more than 20 days since i am back from JP trip, been working n working everyday with 1 day off every week very tired leg n bone is gg to break soon n work is forever nvr ending n of course getting more n more stress but i will still try my best to work hard..  of course i miss them alot but i know i will see them again but dunno when... really hope there will be a F4 japan tour dvd for us, hope my wish will come true....

I am so tired but when i think or them all my tiredness is gone.....  Read more

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F4 Japan tour 2008


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiJzgxkUuyc F4 Japan Tour 8th oct 絕不能失去你 & LXY

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zai zai 18th oct

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RScIX37ASkI  hahaha so happy

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18th oct Vanness's part

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JINw9-QEVFE


Finally i know how to upload heehee

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F4 演唱会 @ Yokohama ( Japan )


Hmm actually i wanna blog something but i am just too tired n sleepy to write anything bcos the time now in japan is gg 4am soon, Omg and we r gg to check out 10am early in the morning.. Since last week i dun have enough rest, well anyway everything i do for them  is worth it.. 

1st day concert our seat was row 2 sound good right but we were Far tOO near to the stage until we totally cant see them when they are at the other sides of the stage I hve to see the big scree...Read more

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14days to Japan!!!


Time Flies... 2 more weeks i am going to japan.. Is like a dream which is going to come true very soon, been waiting for this day to come and now yes another 14days to go. so happy n excited for them. First time see 7 concert  frst time stay in overseas for so long...

Finally all 4 of them reached japan and had a press con today, i was so shocked when i c zai new hairstyle so shocking, blue hair

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