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Vanness is coming today


After waiting for 5yrs, finally he is coming today... my feeling now is very happy very excited n nervous.. must be wondering y am i nervous right  when i have already seen him for so many time  been flying to overseas to support him so many time and now not many sg fans will go overseas to see Him n whenever Vann mention SG, i really very happy and appreciate to him for saying that not trying to prove anything here just trying to say vanness is always so nice, he always mention various countries name when he saw our lightboard. he can choose not to say it when he saw but still he say it.. 

Cant wait to see him tonight n cant wait to watch KFC......

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enjoy.....after five years, he is bek...update us
almost 12 years ago
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Have fun and throw kisses to Vanness for me!:-)
almost 12 years ago
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have fun and enjoy the event today.... =)
almost 12 years ago
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Much love to all of you!!
almost 12 years ago


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