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Vanness in Singapore airport

Vanness is finally here but i guess his mood not that good last night, very cool nvr really smile n wave to us guess maybe he is tired or something else... hmm i dunno..


SQ879 Plane landed at 2228

he was with his bother Geoffrey, Terry and Zdubb

Thoughout the journey back to hotel he just looked straight nvr even do any interact with us but ppl inside the car was happily fliming the fans in the car haha..

back to hotel, finally i call to his name n he did smile back to me phew....

n before he went up fans said goodnight to him n he said goodnight back...





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lifang thanks for your update... maybe V is just tired... enjoy the premiere later
almost 12 years ago
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thanks for sharing, and expect for the premiere.
almost 12 years ago
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Thank you for sharing, lifang!!! That's right like what you said. May be he was too tired. anyway, we always love him !!! Much love to Van Ness, and all his fans la. ^^
almost 12 years ago


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