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Have u done anything which u regret  or anything which u wanna do but u nvr do n now u regret it...or u do something that u will nvr regret....

wat is wrong.... OMG... just dunno wat to do.. wat am i talking abt... ARGH... tt to a new outlet at CMP for 1 month.. honestly speaking i really dun like the ppl there, well wat to do... i have to accept it cos my AM Told me she got a reason for posting me there... oh really... say the staff displine is sux say i am the best person to be there... i very fierce meh, always ask me to be the black person... well always de...

i regret i nvr tell him the thing that wanna say... he is just so near to me... hmm anyway like wat my friends  said he like quiet n good fans... actually i wanna blog on wat i did when i go msia c Zai Zai but just too tired n sleepy everyday... not enough rest closing shift almost everyday just bcos some1 request morning shift so i have to work closing...  N GO back at almost 2am everyday... so tired Hais ok nvm maybe next week request 1 AL then got time to update.., now only got 1 off day so Xian

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Gal, look forward each day, dont keep thinking about the past; move on! Take more rest when there is a chance, live still have to go on.... Rem the sweet days you have (Van & Zaix2 - ur energy resource)
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