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F4 演唱会 @ Yokohama ( Japan )


Hmm actually i wanna blog something but i am just too tired n sleepy to write anything bcos the time now in japan is gg 4am soon, Omg and we r gg to check out 10am early in the morning.. Since last week i dun have enough rest, well anyway everything i do for them  is worth it.. 

1st day concert our seat was row 2 sound good right but we were Far tOO near to the stage until we totally cant see them when they are at the other sides of the stage I hve to see the big screen but today seat is better n i can see everything so clear so big haha n i still used binocular to see heehee... i cant type anymore cos i know i will fall asleep  on my laptop I will continue again when i go to tokyo haha i have 7days in toyko..

1st concert jerry threw those small ball down n i manage to catch 1 but no signature sigh~2nd time is jerry again he threw those  shaped paper with autographs n the jap gal behind me got i n guess wat the paper cut my face at that it was so pain cos it was pointed end n he threw from the stage, must ask jerry for medicial  fee

Although we cant bring lightboard in for the concert but i was very happy n glad that they know singapore fans were there to show our contiunous support to them..  Yes they know it.. cos i heard Vanness said Singapore again at the ending part shhh cos my  friend got a lightboard with her n she was standing right at the corner so she cant take it anymore n bring up in the end... n Vanness said Yeah Singapore i know i saw it... my heart almost poped out again  This is wat i worried b4 i go hehe but now i am so happy until i cant sleep i am crazy man..

I wan to control myself from buying too many Merchandisesbut i really cant control  bought almost SGD200 worth of things n ppl selling photo after the concert n guess wat i buy again... waste $$$ again but no choice cos we cant take pics inside leh... n b4 buying we were abt to enter the entrance for ramen but when we know 1 place is selling the concert  fotos so we ran n n ran like nobody business aiyo c real ppl we run then want to buy photos we still run like hell haha... so funny

Really loved the part when they sang each other song super cute

Ken n Vanness sang Wo Bu Shi F4 (Zai's song)

Zai n Jerry sang Ni Shi Wo Wei Yi De Zhi Zuo (Jerry's song)

 F4 sang Ai Bu Hui Yi Zhi Deng Ni ( Ken's song)

Vanness n Ken Never let u Go ( Vanness's song ) i think got somemore but i 4gt hehe

5 more concert to go n 15 more days to go back :( i dun want to go hm i want to c F4 )


ps: Michi is really very hardworking during the concert she is enjoying n writing down at the same time wat they sang n do during the concert in order to have a full detailed report for everybody... Xin Ku Ta Le..  Pei Fu Pei Fu


Opps 5am le gtg bye



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Photo 37318
Yo! So glad to know VanNess saw SINGAPORE...heee... Continue to have a great time there and bring us more bits n pieces of the concerts, ok? Take Care! Cheers!
over 12 years ago
Photo 38203
There was a brilliantstage! I'm getting excited again by your this report! Thanks!!!
over 12 years ago
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hello lifang.. thanks too for your update... just dont forget to prioritize in enjoying the show.. take care on your way to tokyo =)
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Photo 37783
omg...haha...means one of u gal still bring in the lightboard lo...hehe...gud...that V saw it....its ok...u gals did a great job...run....whether see real ppl or even to purchase pix....Take care of urself too...take a good rest b4 the nex show on 7th... n thanks for the P/S. i wonder y she can remember all so detailed...now i know le...god...xin ku her le...
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